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Catch the popcorn! AMC climbs to the top as the army grabs | | Business and Economic Affairs

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. depends on this.

On Wednesday, the video game team announced it would award prizes to small retailers, who have made significant contributions to the AMC peace conference, against 1,400% this year, with good deals such as special reviews and free popcorn. It comes one day after AMC took advantage of its meteoric earnings to raise $ 230 million from one of its creditors, Mudrick Capital Management, and manage its finances.

When Mudrick lost all his money to make a profit and he called the company over and over again, the sales team on Reddit had nothing. Encouraged by public approval from the AMC group, shares rose to 93% to record Wednesday before a temporary sale in New York. The gains made the AMC market nearly $ 28 billion, more than GameStop.

“Many of our advertisers have shown support and trust in AMC … Besides, these people are the owners of AMC, and I work for them,” said Adam Aron, AMC chief executive in a statement on Wednesday.

More than 3.2 million have participated in the AMC since March 11, accounting for 80% of their sales, according to the statement. Earlier last month, Aron spoke directly to many of the investors at the annual AMC conference, enjoying their interest, dedication and interest.

He then urged skeptical readers to take care of this money – “read what these people have written,” he told them.

Few, if any, other managers in America have received a new marketing interest like Aron. Once again, only a handful of companies have large debts to them.

A few months ago, AMC was on the verge of extinction. This is in the presence of a group of daytime vendors, who want to promote the old school meetings of the most important companies, support its divisions. Using online platforms such as WallStreetBets, these small businesses have connected, following hashtags like #AMCSTRONG and #AMCSqueeze on Twitter.

Together with GameStop, AMC has become the child of a meme-stock mania artist that has captivated the markets and undermined Wall Street’s advantages.

The current market value of the stock market is over $ 18 billion, although the chain has more than $ 5 billion in debt and its shareholders are no more than $ 5 per share.

“It is clear that the startup is not compatible with ordinary groups (which makes the Reddit team),” Mark Levin of Asterisk Advisors wrote.

Buy and Sell

Some advertisers wisely like Mudrick saw the convention as a unique opportunity to make a quick profit.

Fundraising through the sale of cash to one of the equal shareholders is not available in US markets. Having a censer as soon as you buy it makes no sense at all. In this regard, Mudrick’s role in AMC’s delivery is very similar to that of its shareholders who offer shares to buyers with the aim of reselling them to sellers.

Representative Mudrick declined to comment, and AMC, based in Leawood, Kansas, did not respond to a request for comment.

In a statement, Aron said the alliance with Mudrick “would allow us to be more aggressive in pursuing high-value television products, as well as in developing other career paths in our business and seizing other opportunities.”

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