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Some European countries are seeking a new approach to COVID-19.

After two years of crippling coronavirus, permanent closure, and millions of people have died – several Europeans countries hoping to treat the epidemic as a thing of the past.

Some of these countries view the statistics as a signal that the disease can be treated full-time – some of the many diseases we have learned to have.

Spain has one of the most troubled economies on the continent, and it has recently led to the lifting of sanctions.

Portugal has already reduced major roads to crowded areas.

And the United Kingdom and Ireland is expected to lift more sanctions next week.

But does this guarantee everyone?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Tikki Pangestu – A visiting professor at the Yoo Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, as well as a former WHO director of epidemiology and global health services.

Dr Mohga Kamal-Yanni – International Health Counselor and Senior Health Adviser for the People’s Vaccine Alliance

Chris Smith – Virologist and medical specialist, and editor and director, The Naked Scientists podcast

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