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Burkina Faso security crackdown kills at least 20 | Stories

The government condemns the ‘cowardice and cruelty’ that killed 19 terrorists and civilians.

Terrorists have killed at least 19 people and civilians in northern Burkina Faso, in a region bordering the country for years.

Security Minister Maxime Kone told state media on Sunday that most of the threats to the police station near the Inata gold mine were temporary.

“This morning the gendarmerie group was brutally assaulted and brutally held accountable,” Kone said, adding that 22 survivors had been found.

There were fears that the death toll could rise.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, one of the most serious security and security issues since Burkina Faso was embroiled in controversy in 2015.

This comes two days after another attack in which seven police officers were killed in the vicinity of Niger and Mali.

Threats from al-Qaeda-linked militants and ISIL (ISIS) have continued to grow in three borders despite thousands of United Nations, regional and Western forces and government efforts to negotiate with the militants.

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