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Boris Johnson walks on BBC | Media

From: The Story of Obedience

In the midst of major setbacks in his tenure, Britain’s Prime Minister criticized the BBC. Also, a broadcast station in North Korea.

PartyGate in the United Kingdom: Boris Johnson, BBC and disruptive talent.

Mic Wright – Critic and journalist
Marie Le Conte – Journalist and writer
Robin Aitken – Former BBC journalist and author of ‘Can We Trust the BBC?’
Marcus Ryder – Visiting Professor in Media Diversity, Birmingham City University and former BBC News Executive Producer

On our radar:

Two other drug addicts and criminals have been killed in Mexico – there is no longer a safe haven for journalism.

Breaking Radio Silence of North Korea

Foreign news – news and entertainment – is going to the people of North Korea.

Lee Kwang Baek – President and presenter, Unification Media Group
Jeongcheol Lee – Assistant and editor, UMG Radio
Sokeel Park – Head of State, Freedom in North Korea
Jieun Baek – Fellow, Belfer Center and author of ‘North Korea’s Hidden Revolution’

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