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Big oil giants Total, Chevron have left Myanmar for human rights abuses | Oil and Gas Issues

Total said it was leaving Myanmar due to “deterioration” of human rights and the rule of law after the country’s military seized control of the country last year.

The powerful giants of TotalEnergies and Chevron Corp are said to be leaving Myanmar due to “deteriorating” human rights and lawlessness after the country’s military took control of the country last year.

The announcement on Friday follows a call by Total from France yesterday to overturn Myanmar’s oil and gas pledges in Myanmar to put all its money into the escrow – aimed at eliminating a major source of foreign currency after the Myanmar election. government in February 2021.

Total, Chevron and other companies were part of the Yadana gasfield alliance on the Yadana coast and the MGTC transit system that transports gas from the field to the Myanmar-Thailand border.

“While our company feels that its presence in the country contributes to the development of its values, including its function, nature, human rights and the rule of law, the deterioration in Myanmar since the February 2021 uprising “It has led to a re-examination of the situation and does not allow TotalEnergies to support the country,” Total said in a statement.

The French superpower added that he was leaving the business “without any TotalEnergies fines”.

Human rights activist Human Rights Watch praised the announcement on Friday, writing on Twitter:

In December, HRW urged Total to support sanctions that could stop the flow of natural gas to Myanmar’s military-run organizations.

Total government and financial institutions in Total will once again force the French superpower to sever its ties with Myanmar military-led corporations.

Last year’s terrorist attack sparked protests in Myanmar as people across the country took to the streets to protest against the democratically elected government. HRW has reported on human rights abuses by Myanmar military forces against protesters, human rights activists, journalists, and political opponents. The torture, which HRW calls “crimes against humanity”, involves the killing of more than 1,400 people.

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