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Biden will travel to the UK and Brussels on his first foreign trip as US President

Joe Biden will travel to the UK and Belgium on his first foreign trip as US President in June as he seeks to resume transatlantic relations following the winter under former President Donald Trump.

The White House said Biden had attended the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK, and held meetings with other leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The president will attend a Nato summit in Brussels, before attending a US-EU summit.

Jen Psaki, a press secretary at the White House, said Biden’s visit would “reaffirm” US commitment to multidisciplinary action, as well as Nato and its defense policies.

Biden officials have made it clear they want to resume Western diplomacy, which has been disrupted by Trump’s attacks, criticism by Emmanuel Macron, President of France, and disputes over Turkey.

During his first visit to Brussels in March, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken he vowed to restore it Relationships Washington has allied with Nato allies.

In the UK, Biden will discuss public health, economic reform and climate change, according to the White House. The EU-US summit will address the same issues, along with digital and trade cooperation as well as “problems related to foreign policy”.

Washington, Brussels and London have struggled to negotiate a long-running commercial aviation-sponsored trade dispute. Last month all three parties agreed stopping billing fees each other for four months as the stories progressed.

The US is also not opposed to Europe and the UK over a digital tax, and threatened to board Trade disputes by imposing taxes on the purchases of countries that have digital labor taxes instead.

In addition, the US and the EU have agreed to work together to end China’s struggle, promising to resume talks on shared issues such as human rights and international security.

In March, the US, EU, UK and Canada have all been established sanctions in China on its practice of Uyghur Muslims in a communicative way that brought about the same time revenge from Beijing.

However, a EU-China Business Agreement the agreement between Brussels and Beijing last December, weeks before Biden was established, brought joy among a group of candidates for the presidency.

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