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Three students arrested from a Nigerian university were found dead | Nigerian News


The remains of the students have been found in a village near Greenfield University, according to a security official in Kaduna state.

Three students who were abducted from their university in northwestern Nigeria earlier this week have been found dead, according to a government official.

The killings that were announced on Friday are the latest in a string of high-profile kidnappings in northern Nigeria by terrorists.

The robbers attacked Greenfield University in Kaduna state on Tuesday, killing one person and arresting unidentified students. It was the fifth attack on a school or college since December 2020.

“In the course of their brutality and brutality, the robbers who robbed students at Greenfield University have shot three of their victims,” ​​said Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner for Homeland Security and Kaduna State.

The remains of the students were found in a village near the university, he added.

Two university officials told the AFP news agency that 20 students and three uneducated students had been abducted but government officials could not confirm the number.

Armed forces have been waging repeated attacks on Nigerian schools and universities in recent months, capturing more than 700 students. Experts agree that the increasing number of kidnappings is the result of A fast-growing theft operation This has been one of the biggest security challenges in Nigeria.

“School is difficult,” Ikemesit Effiong, head of research at SB Morgen (SBM) Intelligence, a political research firm in Lagos, told Al Jazeera. “They target students and women because the motivation for their release is very high. Also, men are always considered to have the greatest opportunity to earn money to protect their wives and children.”

In Kaduna, government officials said they would not pay any ransom to the criminals.

“Gangsters have been targeting teaching schools and schools, kidnapping students, in particular, because they are the headlines. The headlines are the air of terrorists, and the terrorists are terrorists, ”Governor Nasir el-Rufai he was told Al Jazeera last month.

“We do not pay the ransom; we will not talk to criminals; We are not talking to criminals, “El-Rufai said, calling for” stand-alone principles “.

“Since you have an AK-47 it doesn’t give you a chance to talk because if we do that then we will talk to any criminal in Nigeria, I apologize.”

The government and the security services have failed miserably in their efforts to stem the tide of terrorism as it seeks to curb the rising tide of organized crime.

The announcement of the students’ deaths came hours after President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the killing of “dozens” of villagers earlier this week in the northwestern province of Zamfara and ordered security forces to search for the culprits.

Locals say at least 60 people could have been killed in Wednesday’s crashes in at least 12 villages in the state but only nine bodies have been found.

In a statement late Thursday, Buhari said “such neglect of life will end sooner than ever” and ordered security forces to remove the area from “dangerous and dangerous activities”.

“Violence against the poor in rural areas suffering from poverty and other economic hardships should not be tolerated by this government,” he said.


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