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Disney’s new robot will bring Groot and other characters to life


Drive on Spot, there is a beautiful new robot in the town, and one day this may prove to you, or perhaps your child, that the Disney-like look is real. In a long new piece, Products has described in detail Project Kiwi, a development platform from the company Contemplation research and development studio. The result of more than three years of work, is a small robot that can move on its own and take on the form of a variety of people – including, as you can see, Baby Groot.

With Project Kiki, Imagineering created a robotic player who would one day be able to interact with visitors to Disney Parks and make them feel like they were meeting face to face with their loved ones. When the team started the work, there were no robots working on the project, so they started making their own. Most of the features of Project Kiwi are masterfully crafted, and include intricate design. For example, it has perforated bones that allow air to cool the engine and its equipment.

While the robot seems to be doing well in many ways, don’t expect to see a Disney park soon. Imagineering Products still has it a lot of work to do in Project Kiwi before leaving the lab. The next step is to think of new tools that can make robots more efficient emergency joint care, like a young child running to and fro; can drop it. The team is also working on a new sensor program that will allow Kiwi to understand the world and recognize human faces. Battery life is another area in which the robot can perform well. The current version can last up to 45 minutes on a single price. With all that you can say, you can look forward to planning your trip to Disney World.

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