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Biden wants to take action while Xi recovers a neutral pledge | Climate Change Issues


The US president wants to reduce global gas emissions by mid-2030 from 2005, when the Chinese leader sets limits on coal consumption.

U.S. President Joe Biden has opened a global climate conference on climate change that the United States “does not wait for” leadership “on” moral and economic “issues, as its Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping reaffirmed Beijing’s promise of political neutrality by 2060.

“Increasing. The United States is not expecting it, ”he said during a two-day White House meeting on Thursday.

As part of his economic vision, Biden announced that by 2030, the US plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half 2005.

“That’s where we come in as a country, and that’s what we can do if we take action to achieve an economy that is not only profitable but healthy, fair, and clean all over the world,” Biden said.

“This will enable the US economy to get rid of smoke by 2050,” he added, adding that the US represents less than 15 percent of global gas emissions.

The White House should not take any action in fulfillment of Biden’s promise.

In his remarks, he urged other world leaders to take action in their own countries, saying no country can solve the problems that may arise on their own.

“All of us, especially those who represent the world’s largest economy, need to be courageous,” he said, emphasizing the need to address the “challenges of our times”.

“Science tells us that ten years is a very important year. This is the decade in which we have to make decisions that can avoid serious consequences due to the weather. “

‘Goals for the Past’

By calling for a “return to the US for various climate control activities”, Xi reaffirmed his commitment to China not to take part in carbon emissions by 2060, while urging other leaders to do “something they have never done before”.

He made a pledge of neutrality at the United Nations General Assembly last year.

“China will meet the demands of the international community [to the Paris agreement] based on additional principles and mechanisms, ”said Xi, emphasizing that Beijing will carefully improve its coal-fired power plants and reduce the amount of glass over the next five years.

Xi said Thursday Beijing will carefully monitor coal-fired power generation and reduce the amount of glass over the next five years. [Nicolas Asfouri/AFP]

However, environmentalists have noted the shortage of retired coal in China, which is the purest but most politically active energy source for labor.

Currently, China is leading the world in developing clean energy technologies. In order to achieve zero output within 30 years, the country must expand and increase its efforts. This, in turn, will make them cheaper and help other countries to set foreign ambitions.

China has already established a number of options, such as green and transport infrastructure and economic development as part of the Belt and Road.

There is no way to address global climate change that would not be possible without the US and China, as the two world economies make up about half of the world.

Washington and Beijing are still embroiled in controversy over Chinese crimes in Hong Kong and their support for the Uighurs northwest of Xinjiang – accusing Beijing of refusing to interfere with its domestic affairs.

But rival countries have found common ground on climate change.

China and the US signed the agreement a few days ago, pledging to work together with other countries to address climate issues.


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