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Biden to pressure Johnson to end dangerous representation in Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson on Thursday will face pressure from Joe Biden to work with the EU to resolve a formal settlement dispute in Northern Ireland, where the post-Brexit talks ended immediately with threats.

The US leader, who met with his British counterpart in Cornwall ahead of the G7 summit, is “deeply concerned” about Northern Ireland’s security and stability in the region, says Jake Sullivan, his national security adviser.

Johnson will also face challenges from European leaders at the summit, with the EU repeating the threat of retaliation and trade sanctions if Britain suspends one side of the deal. the so-called Northern Ireland protocol, whose goal is to avoid extremes on the Irish island.

Maros Sefcovic, Vice President of the European Commission, said he was confident that “European leaders will discuss the issue” at the G7, which begins on Friday. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, is among those who want the EU to deal with Johnson.

In anticipation of international threats, Johnson is taking Lord David Frost, his Brexit minister, to the G7 summit in Carbis Bay; Secretary of State Dominic Raab is the only UK minister to have served.

Frost and Sefcovic have been unable to resolve conflicts over work, which sets targets for trade in the Irish Sea, in a discussion in London Wednesday. “There were no side effects, there was no damage,” Frost said.

Mr Johnson says what the EU wants to do to monitor the movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is very complex and disrupts trade.

Speaking before moving to Biden to the UK, Sullivan told the BBC that the NI program “was instrumental in ensuring that the spirit, promise and future of the Friday Convention was protected”. The 1998 treaty ended years of violent conflict in the region.

Sullivan stressed that it was the UK and the EU to resolve their differences. He declined to say whether the UK / US trade agreement would be in jeopardy if Johnson broke his promises, but said: “Our concern is deeply rooted in the Northern Ireland issue.”

US President Joe Biden plans to board Air Force One to board the G7 in the UK © AP

Speaking in Cornwall ahead of the summit, Mr Johnson said he wanted to seek a compromise that protects the Northern Ireland peace process and stressed that he was “not worried” about the issue covering the G7.

Both the EU and the UK have confirmed after talks in London that the divisions continue to address how they can address a number of challenges in Northern Ireland trade, from livestock inspection to animal movement.

Speaking after the interview, Sefcovic He said The EU’s patience was “very, very thin” by the UK for failing to meet its obligations.

Brussels already has lawsuits against Britain to extend the period of illegal immigration – removed from normal measures – according to the law.

Sefcovic said the EU could “reimburse” Britain, such as reimburseing prices for certain items, or suspend the treaty in some areas, if the UK does not meet its targets.

“If the UK does something uncoordinated in the coming weeks, the EU will not be ashamed to act swiftly, confidently and firmly to ensure that the UK adheres to international law,” Sefcovic said.

Following the meeting, Frost reiterated the UK’s concerns that “the EU is forcing us to use the program in a more transparent manner”.

The shortfall means that pressure to settle on both sides at the end of this month at the end of this month is a temporary exemption that has allowed British sausages and other cold meats to enter Northern Ireland.

Following the meetings, which also touched on two other issues such as fishing and civil rights, the UK published its own destruction of the negotiations, noting that there was a “progressive response” to other “minority areas”, including the movement of control dogs and the provision of VAT for regional vehicles.

Additional reports by Jim Pickard

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