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Biden tells US Congress ‘progress’ in the midst of the epidemic | Political News


U.S. President Joe Biden addressed a joint press conference Wednesday night, telling Americans that the country is “still developing”, after the coronavirus has crippled the economy, causing many job losses and hundreds of lives.

“In just 100 days, I can go to this country: America is starting again. Changing risks is possible. Challenges in opportunities. Recovery power,” Biden said.

He also said that in the first 100 days of his office, his supervisors created more than 1.3 million jobs – more than any President has written in the first 100 days.

According to Biden, the country’s economy will grow at a rate of more than 6 percent this year.

US President Joe Biden addresses Congress as Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi watch [Chip Somodevillaat/Reuters]

Here are some recent updates:

Thursday, April 29th

02:30 GMT – Republican senator delivers ruling on Biden’s remarks

The only African-American Republican secretary to the U.S. Senate has presented his party’s opposition to U.S. President Joe Biden at a joint congressional hearing.

South Carolina Sen Tim Scott said the US was deeply divided by Biden’s criticism of the Democratic President’s response to the epidemic.

Scott also contrasted Biden’s actions with those of Republicans over race, adding that “America is not a racist country”.

02:21 GMT – Biden says ‘welcome competition’ with China

The United States has hosted a rally with China, President Joe Biden said, adding that Washignton DC “does not want any conflicts” with Beijing.

Biden said he told Chinese President Xi Jinping to “protect American interests in the region.”

“America will engage in unfair trade practices that oppress American workers and industries, such as funding aid agencies and stealing American technologies and their intelligence.

“I also told President Xi that we would continue to have a strong Indo-Pacific force as we do with NATO in Europe – not to provoke conflict – but to avoid conflict.

“And I told him what I have said to many leaders around the world – that America will never relinquish our commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

02:11 GMT – Biden says US does not want to ‘climb’ with Russia

US President Joe Biden has said he does not want to escalate tensions between Russia and its leader, Vladirimir Putin, after he staged a series of protests in Moscow.

“I made it clear to Putin that we do not want to go up but that their actions have consequences,” Biden said.

02:03 GMT – Biden: Time to end gun violence

U.S. President Joe Biden has urged Congress to enact legislation that would end the “epidemic of gun violence” in the country.

“I will do everything in my power to protect the American people from the scourge of gun violence. But it is time for Congress to do the same.

He called on Senate Republicans to join Democrats “to close the gap and seek history to buy guns.”

“And we need a ban on weapons and high-quality magazines. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. We’ve done it before … and it worked. ”

01:55 GMT – Biden: Pure growth and terrorism

U.S. President Joe Biden has declared “white supremacy and terrorism” and said it was time to end apartheid in the US.

“Fellow Americans, we must come together. Restoring trust between legal staff and the people they serve. Eliminate racism in our criminal justice system.

“It is the introduction of police reforms in the name of George Floyd who passed away,” he said as he called on Congress to enact the law by May, the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, an African-American whose assassination of a white police officer sparked nationwide protests.

01:51 GMT – Biden says climate change is a global war

President Joe Biden has declared that “climate change” is not just a struggle for the US to fight a war alone, but a “global war”.

“The United States emits less than 15% of its total emissions. Worldwide accounts for 85%.

“That’s why – I kept my commitment to resume the Climate Change in Paris on my first day in office.

“And I have kept my commitment to convene a climate conference here in America, and in the global economy – from China and Russia to India and the European Union in my first 100 days.

“I wanted the world to see that there is a consensus that we are at the greatest moment in history.”

01:41 GMT – US President wants rich Americans to pay ‘their share’

President Joe Biden said in his inaugural address to Congress Wednesday that he has restored the American people’s faith in democracy 100 days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and will need to unveil $ 1.8 trillion in tax plans.

He also said that 1% of the richest people in the country should pay “their share” in the country’s economy.

“Twenty million Americans have been laid off from the epidemic – working and middle-aged Americans. At the same time, about 650 billion Americans saw their incomes rise by more than $ 1 trillion. ”

01:30 GMT – Biden praises US immunization program in US

Biden said after promising to shoot 100 million COVID-19 vaccines in 100 days, its supervisors will deliver more than 220 million COVID bullets in the first 100 days.

He said the vaccine was being distributed to about 40,000 hospitals and more than 700 hospitals.


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