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Biden meets Moon, appoints new US ambassador to North Korea | Stories by Joe Biden


Joe Biden, President of the United States, has appointed a special envoy to North Korea for talks, saying he and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are still “deeply concerned” by Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons.

At a press conference on Friday, Biden also said he would meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – under normal circumstances.

The US president told reporters at the White House that his main goal was to completely destroy the Korean Peninsula, but said he had “no tricks” to get North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons.

“We are all very concerned about what happened,” Biden told Moon. “Our two countries are also committed to negotiating with [North Korea] Tact measures that will reduce conflict ”in the Korean Peninsula.

In order to lead the process, Biden said Sung Kim, a former government official, will be the US ambassador to North Korea.

The Korean-American ambassador to the United States, Sung Kim, served as a special envoy to North Korea under former President Barack Obama and helped launch talks between former President Donald Trump and Kim.

He has served as ambassador to South Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia and has recently served as US ambassador to East Asia.

Biden-Kim meeting?

Pyongyang has so far rejected US complaints about the talks since Biden took over from Trump, who held three talks with Kim and the two exchanged “beautiful letters”.

Kim still refused to give up her nuclear weapons but tightened the test by testing them. He has not tested a nuclear bomb or developed an intercontinental ballistic missile since 2017, although experts believe his weapons have grown steadily.

Moon, whose relationship with North Korea is a major issue before stepping down next year, said Sung Kim’s appointment “demonstrates the full commitment of the US in monitoring the negotiations and their preparations for negotiations with North Korea”.

He said he was waiting for a positive response.

Asked if Biden would consider following Trump’s lead but ending a fruitless meeting with Kim, the US President said it should be different.

The North Korean leader should be willing to “talk about his nuclear weapons”, says Biden, and allow his advisers to meet with US counterparts to lay the groundwork before the summit.

“I can’t do what happened in the past; “I can’t give her everything she wants – international recognition is legal and allow her to move on. She looks like … very concerned about what she didn’t really want,” he said.

‘Hard sales’

Biden’s comments seem to indicate a change in his attitude.

The White House said in March it was not Biden’s intention to meet with the North Korean leader.

Jenny Town, 38, from Washington, Washington, who is overseeing the North Korean project, said Sung Kim’s appointment was a good one as Biden’s management had shown little urgency to fill the vacancy.

However, it did not provide a valid indication of the legitimacy of the discussion.

“The problem has been that the supervisors are just talking about nuclear and are continuing any negotiations with North Korea as a nuclear negotiator,” he told Reuters news agency.

“As a result, sales are still difficult to bring the North Korean people to the table, but obviously, the Moon is going to be very sticky.”

While Moon said Biden had indicated support for talks between Korea and the agreement, Town said this would mean little more than Washington, which has refused to impose sanctions on Pyongyang, will allow Seoul to move forward with this.

The White House announced last month that it had completed a review of North Korea’s policies and Biden had deflected the sentiments of his two most recent leaders, rejecting Trump’s efforts to succeed in overthrowing Kim and Obama.

But Biden’s supervisors did not elaborate on how their third approach to push north to abandon its nuclear weapons program looks like.

‘Old Friends’

In the course of their talks, Biden and Moon reaffirmed a strong partnership between the two countries following the Trump crisis, which made Moon weak and threatened to withdraw US troops from South Korea.

Moon was the second foreign minister – after the Japanese Prime Minister – to go to the White House since Biden took office in January, and Biden said their talks were about “old friends”.

President Joe Biden listens to South Korean President Moon Jae-in address at a seminar on the East Room at the White House, Friday, May 21, 2021, in Washington, DC [Alex Brandon/ AP]

The two also discussed China and Taiwan.

Taiwan has complained of pressure from troops in Beijing and the Chinese military, which prefers to go to Taiwan’s air defense base.

“We have agreed that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are paramount, and we have agreed to work together on this issue with regard to China-Taiwan relations,” Moon said.

The victory of Moon, who suffered at home from the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, said the US and South Korea have agreed a vaccine cooperation agreement that could include US expertise and Korean power.

He said this would help provide the COVID-19 vaccine in the Indo-Pacific region, while Biden said the US would provide the vaccine to South Korea’s 550,000 troops.


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