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Biden has accused Texas of voting for “violence against democracy” | US & Canada News

Texas lawmakers are expected to vote on anti-voting laws, which have recently taken place in the US.

United States President Joe Biden has criticized a Texas law banning voting rights, saying the process is “part of the democratic process” and could hurt racial groups.

Mu words On Saturday afternoon, Biden said Texas lawmakers had issued a document “in agreement with Georgia and Florida to advance state laws that violate the fundamental right to vote”.

“It’s part of destroying the democracy we saw often this year – and they often fight Black and Brown Americans. It’s wrong and it’s not American. In the 21st century, we need to be simple, simple, so that everyone who is eligible to vote can vote, ”he said.

Texas spending cuts – called Senate Bill 7 – could end driving, empower dictators and reduce voting on Sunday, while many black churchgoers go to the polls, among other restrictions.

The changes must be approved by midnight on Sunday, after the Republican-led parliament completes its term.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott will sign the agreement, which Democrats will challenge in court.

This idea is one of several rules placed by Republicans in the US after the 2020 presidential election that would limit the chances of voting – and those who say opponents want to make blacks and people of other races vote.

Florida, Georgia, and Arizona have also approved new bans on voting in recent months.

Georgia law, launched in March, establishes strict identification, border ballot boxes, empowers lawmakers to hold local elections and reduces the start time for all voting. It also makes it wrong for people to provide food and water to voters waiting in line.

This was sharply criticized by human rights activists and business leaders, as well as from Biden, who he explained as “Jim Crow of the 21st Century” – referring to the divisive laws that were once used to suppress the American people’s vote.

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, which adheres to national voting laws, says 14 countries across the country have enacted 22 laws banning voting opportunities between January 1 and May 14 this year, while many others were working through state law.

The growing anti-voter turnout is linked to the false allegations made by former President Trump that the November elections were rigged to him and an attempt to prevent voters seen in 2020 from running again, the Brennan Center said. He said on his page.

“Getting votes in America is at an unprecedented risk,” it said.

Back in Texas, major corporations, including American Airlines and Dell, have warned that the law could undermine democracy and the economy.

But Republicans ignored his criticism, and at times, criticized business leaders for speaking out.

Leading Republican top negotiators, Senator Bryan Hughes and Briscoe State Representative Cain said the law was “one of the most radical” in Texas history.

“Even if the world’s media reduces the need to be honest in the election, the Texas House of Representatives has not settled down or demonstrated expertise in the company,” he said in a statement.

Texas already has a ban on voting in the country and is frequently cited by non-governmental organizations such as the state where it is most difficult to vote. He was one of the few countries that did not make voting by mail during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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