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Biden ends Trump’s ‘Garden of American Heroes’ | | Donald Trump’s story


The former president requested the statue last year to honor many Americans.

President Joe Biden on Friday put a bosh on the pre-arranged “National Garden of American Heroes” and paid tribute to former President Donald Trump’s efforts to regulate the TV industry and send aid to the United States.

Under his own supervision, Biden dissolved a Trump-formed group to build a new monument, which the former President requested last year. It was supposed to feature statues of many Americans, including presidents, runners and pop culture figures, which Trump saw as “a great outdoor park that will feature statues of Americans who have been around for a long time.”

The same Trump oversaw the list of 30 candidates, including Davy Crockett, Billy Graham, Whitney Houston, Harriet Tubman and Antonin Scalia, among others, but no nominations were made and the field was never approved by Congress.

Trump has repeatedly condemned the destruction and demolition of old statues by exhibitors at anti-apartheid protests and police brutality. George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

“We will promote the next generation of patriotism in America,” Trump said during speaking last July in Mount Rushmore where he announced his views on the field. “We are going to write the next amazing chapter of the American game. And we will teach our children to know that they live in a mythical world, that nothing can stop them, and no one can keep them. ”

Trump officials who founded the field said the priority should be given to the monuments to the former president, to the people and events related to the European presence in North America, the establishment of the United States, and the abolition of slavery.

“No one will have perfect health, but all will have to respect, remember, and learn,” the law now banned.

Some of Trump’s biggest actions were scrapped

Biden’s law also changed Trump’s May 2020 law that required the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate TV companies by writing or deleting all of our recordings or accounts on Trump’s alleged restrictions on free speech. The order came before Trump was removed from platforms like Twitter and Facebook following the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The president also ended Trump’s December 2020 decree to label all foreign aid in the US with “one logo that describes the morals and generosity of the American people”.

What was also removed was Trump’s June 2020 law which requires the federal government to “fully prosecute in accordance with Federal law” for damaging and destroying images of public property. The law came as a result of the removal of statues – especially those honoring Confederacy – during a nationwide protest against apartheid after George Floyd was in police custody.

Biden also echoed Trump’s announcement, which requires immigrants to ensure that they will be covered by other insurance plans within 30 days of entering the US or proving that they can afford to pay for medical treatment.

“My government is committed to increasing access to quality, affordable health care,” Biden said in a statement. “We can achieve this, however, by not barring citizens who want to enter the country legally but who do not have much money or who do not buy health insurance from the legal list.”


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