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Beating Books: Is the quest for greater technology damaging our entire organization?


Stand aside personality, standing forward. We have gone through the helpful section on Homo sapiens; now it is the dawn of Gay Faber weather. The idea of ​​”I think why I am” has become well known in this new generation of builders and designers. But has our advancement in technology and advancement made it possible for us to regain our human potential?

In his new book, Myth Tact: Why Computers Cannot Think How We Think, author and naturalist linguist, Erik J Larson, explores the efforts of computers to analyze information as we do and why we are so far away from having more human AI than the future.

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Mentioned from Myth Tact: Why Computers Cannot Think How We Think written by Erik J Larson, published by The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Ownership © 2021 author Erik J. Larson. Use of permission. All rights reserved.

Technoscience flourished in the twentieth century but skeptical answers to this question persisted. Hannah Arendt, a philosopher who became famous for his words “the discovery of evil,” in reference to the Nazi experiments in Nuremberg, said that Comte’s expertise – which, by the mid-twentieth century, had not lost its philosophical significance – was no longer a definition of real humanity. . Arendt described ancient human understanding as he recited – in fact, a wise man – and a history of wisdom and knowledge rather than technical expertise, arguing that accepting scientific science as a global concept is self-explanatory. Gay clothing – a builder.

Gay clothing, in the Greek text, is a person who believes this techne – knowledge of art or craftsmanship, the root of expertise – tells us who we are. The overarching understanding of humanity fits well not only with Comte’s seventeenth-century ideology but also with the aspirations of the twentieth century and to build more powerful technologies, culminating in the great work of self-creation – creative ingenuity. This work would not have been meaningful if human reasoning had been immovable.

Arendt argued that the shift from earthquakes to intelligence and technology to technology and architecture represents a much smaller and more complex understanding of us, which would ensure that technological development does not continue to stagnate, and that we see technological achievements as meaningful to ourselves. In other words, we were reducing our need to add, beyond intellectual or intellectual, a comparison of the wonders that can be built with technical tools.

Von Neumann’s earlier comments about approaching “one thing” as technical advancement grows exponentially considering what Arendt was at the time. Although Von Neumann, a scientist and mathematician, (as far as we know) did not comment, it clearly shows what Arendt also said about the importance of technology for ourselves and our future – to what modern philosophers call a “human culture.” forward to our edification, but nowhere in his writings can one find information on what Arendt (and others) would say, in promoting scientific science as a human solution to human problems, we are also working on interpreting how we feel. Turning to techne instead, episteme of natural phenomena) or sapientiae (social and group knowledge) make it difficult to have a good sense of humor.

Putting expertise in the middle also helps you to see a person as something that can be built, because it means that there is nothing more to a human being than the highest technology to make the most advanced technologies. Once you start this process, it is a small journey to creative thinking. And here’s a clear connection to the clever flaws made by Turing and then added by Jack Good and others so far: the ultimate victory of the Homo race as a race and build itself. This, of course, is the real purpose of AI. To see if this work is possible or not will take us to a deeper level of understanding of our humanity.

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