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The Amazon Supreme Court has ruled in favor of some individuals

Amazon can be held accountable for more items than they sell directly. According to for LA Times, California Court of Appeals has ruled that Amazon is responsible for the protection of the property of others found in its market following 2015 hoverboard moto. While the internet giant claims to only connect buyers and sellers, the judges affirmed that there is a “direct connection” to sharing that makes the company liable.

The company won the original decision. At the time, one judge agreed with Amazon’s view that it was more a matter of consumer advertising than just selling.

In words for Time, Amazon said it “spends a lot of money” on product safety by monitoring retailers and products. it also keeps stores from hearing about the problem. The company declined to comment on the appeal court’s decision, including whether it would appeal against the ruling in the Supreme Court.

The decision, if it will work, could force Amazon to change its policy. The professional developer needs to develop vendor accounting systems and be prepared to accept security risks, including litigation. Other stores with third-party matching markets should also follow. This can be good news for consumers, you can see a few items in online stores, and you may have a chance to deal with the risk.

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