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Bashir Deceived Queen Diana To Ask Questions


These well-known questions were the first time a member of the royal family had spoken so deeply about his or her life – but it was all because of lies and deception.

Posted May 20, 2021, 3:15 pm ET

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Independent inquiring has found that the BBC “failed to uphold its principles of transparency and transparency” and journalist Martin Bashir resorted to fraudulent protections interviews in 1995 and Princess Diana.

The program of popular Panorama interview This was the first time that members of the royal family had spoken so harshly about their lives – and Diana did not hide anything.

He also said that the royal life drove him to bulimia and self-harm and no one in the royal family helped him, instead he condemned what he had done and called him “unstable.” He admitted having an affair with his equestrian trainer, James Hewitt. She also talked about how long her husband Prince Charles was dating Camilla Parker-Bowles, saying out loud, “We were three in this wedding, so it was full.”

He also doubted Charles’ ability to be king and doubted whether he could be the queen of the country, saying he “wanted to be the queen of the people’s hearts.”

The evils in question, seen by more than 20 million people, were earthquakes. That protected Diana’s place in the world as the victim of an unreasonable emperor and shooting public opinion of the royal family, especially of Charles. Shortly after the announcement, the queen ordered Charles and Diana, who had been separated for more than two years, to file for divorce.

But beyond November 2, 2020, weeks before the 25th anniversary of the inquiry, the Daily Mail wrote a letter from Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, 9 of Earl Spencer, accusing the BBC of being “unfaithful” and of past wrongdoing in order to be questioned.

Following his public comments, the BBC set up an independent inquiry into the interviews.

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Earl Spencer and his grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, follow the coffin of Diana, Queen of Wales at her funeral on September 6, 1997.

According to the investigation, the findings were published Thursday, Bashir “deceived” Earl Spencer with false information in order to inform his royal sister, who used him to agree to a conversation. Later, when this was revealed, the BBC “explored how to do it [Bashir] protected people from being questioned and knew the proper methods he used. ”

In an effort to win the trust of Earl Spencer, Bashir “ordered” an anonymous BBC photographer to produce bank statements that appear to show that his former employer had paid for him with a newspaper group. The report also alleges that Bashir made extra money in the bank, which appears to indicate that two of Diana’s senior executives were currently paid by the same newspaper group (meaning that the money was in exchange for selling their secrets to the authors). After a meeting in which Bashir showed Earl Spencer the documents, he introduced the reporter to his royal sister.

“By taking advantage of Princess Diana in this way, Bashir was able to persuade her to agree to give the interview,” Lord Lord Dyson, a former judge who asked.

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When first interviewed, the artist who wrote the letters went to BBC officials with his concerns about how to use them, according to Guardian Story published April 8, 1996 – one day after Send on Sunday announced the existence of the documents and accused the BBC of establishing “covert, fraudulent, and deceptive practices” in order to communicate.

The BBC at the time conducted an internal investigation which eventually led to Bashir and Panorama, finding that the record was “not used” for the queen’s consent to the interview.

But in his report, Mr. Dyson he explained The BBC’s domestic inquiry said it “doesn’t really help.” Bashir said, repeatedly lying to his boss about the way he was being interviewed and, among other things, the BBC did not answer Earl Spencer’s questions, but instead “received an account that Bashir replied was true.”

“I am satisfied that the BBC has stated in its press release this as sufficient to know how Bashir contributed to the inquiry,” Lord Dyson said.

The same interviews took place in secret; The press team at the Palace did not know this until he wrote and only a few people on the BBC were informed of his presence until Panorama the episode flight was set. (The BBC Chair at the time, Marmaduke Hussey, said he was “very unhappy” that the network operators had not told him about the program in advance.)

The time required was also significant. In his history Queen Elizabeth: The Life of a Modern King, historian Sally Bedell Smith records that Diana “deliberately” waited for Prince Charles’ birthday on November 14 to announce the Palace to appear. Panorama – and an interview that was unveiled on November 20, the celebration of the Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding.

Despite the “` trick ” behind the scenes, Lord Dyson confirmed that Diana was, at the time of Bashir’s introduction, “eager to interview on television” and “probably would have agreed to be interviewed by any professional and well-known journalist who trusted her even before Bashir helped her.”

“What she doubted later, Princess Diana was thrilled and questioned at the time,” said Lord Dyson.

Mu words, Bashir, who has retired as BBC editor of religion last week, apologized for writing the letters but insisted that “they have no choice in the matter of Princess Diana to participate in the negotiations.” He also submitted a handwritten search from Diana that did not show him “any document or offer[n] he tells me everything I never knew before. ”

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The BBC’s Richard Sharp said the company “reluctantly accepted” the report’s findings, according to director general Tim Davie.

“While the report states that Diana, the Queen of Wales, was interested in interviewing the BBC, it is clear that the approach to communication has completely abandoned what the audience has a right to expect,” Davie said. “While today’s BBC has some very good methods and techniques, the existing ones should have prevented the interrogation in this way.”

“While the BBC will not be able to recoup it after a quarter of a century, we can fully apologize. The BBC is offering this today.”

The BBC also reported that the company had sent letters of apology to Diana’s children, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Earl Spencer.

On Thursday, Earl Spencer said he believed his sister would still be alive if she did not agree to be questioned by Bashir, saying her reporting actions made Diana believe she could not trust those around her.

According to Bashir, “he was able to alleviate the suffering of the people” and to show that “he saves you from a difficult and dangerous world.”

“She did not know who to trust and in the end, who died two years later, had no real security.”


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