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Five reasons economists have misjudged the amount of payments in the US

The U.S. economy created 266,000 jobs in April, a big mistake compared to expectations that the rapid distribution of the vaccine in the U.S. and funding mechanisms will bring about a chance of finding jobs of about 1m.

The reason for the recovery is that the increase in American outbreaks in the winter on coronavirus infections is not as strong as they believe. The employee data released Friday Confirm the long-held Federal Reserve view that the US recovery is about to end, and they need to reduce some fears of rising temperatures and extreme temperatures.

But it also contradicts Biden’s growing economic prospects and the prediction of Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, that the US will fully recover. work by next year.

So what is causing the frustration? Here are some good reasons.

Unstable numbers

Much of the economic downturn in a major change in the job market, such as the current one and the re-opening of many events, can be volatile, volatile and inconsistent, leading to major forecasting errors.

On the first return from the epidemic at the end of a long period of time, economists neglected the power of recovery in a big way, while last month it proved itself. Federal Reserve officials often say they don’t judge the economy by a month, and this is what happens most often plague. Many financial analysts have taken these figures for what they consider to be a traumatic event – a short-term recovery – against the sign that they have already begun to deteriorate.

Coronavirus is no longer present

Economists may be obsessed with the lack of vaccines in the United States and the benefits they can offer to the labor market. Even Biden’s management achieved their goal of giving 200m a coronavirus shot last month, and Americans in the 100m are now fully vaccinated, a performance report was released on the week of April 12, when the validity of the jabs was not given to all Americans. This means that some vaccinated workers were not prepared to return to the labor market and businesses were not hiring immediately, such as health reasons.

Other job losses can result

With fewer Americans 8.2m than in February 2020, it is difficult to know how many employers are struggling to find workers to fill positions.

But errors in availability and the need for work can begin to reverse recovery. After a year-long coronavirus crisis, some workers may sever relationships with their former employers, relocate or struggle with families who are rehabilitating them that prevent them from returning to work. In the meantime, some public transportation systems are moving in a narrow way, restricting the movement of other employees.

Government assistance may be sufficient

Republican lawmakers and other business groups actively recognized those who loved him because of his laziness in creating work: the benefits of government benefits. Not only does the U.S. economy send $ 1,400 into most American households to reduce household expenses, but $ 300 a week in government benefits is available until early September.

The irony is that these wages reduce the incentive for Americans to seek employment. But much of what the stock market does not agree with. For example, recent weekly statistics of first-time unemployment cases show a decline in job creation less than 500,000 for the first time since 2020 crashed.

Many parents are still

Much of the work has been revealed, as has been the case throughout the epidemic, with gender inequalities in recovery. As men continued to return to work last month, women left, that is to say few women Employment or job search compared to March.

The reason for this may be that many schools have been reopened and unemployed such as after-school childcare. Because of the heavy responsibility of caring for children, mothers are reluctant to return to full-time service. They may be reluctant to arrive in September, without having to worry about the availability and conditions of the summer camps.

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