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Awaiting Elizabeth Holmes’ verdict? It may take time | Business and Economic Affairs

If other U.S. cases of white collar are any indication, the verdict will not come immediately.

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Judge Elizabeth Holmes’ jury is on the fifth day of the hearing, and prosecutors who have spent 14 weeks testifying cannot say they were embarrassed.

But if many well-known white-collar cases are evidence, Holmes’ court may still be a stepping-stone to an agreement.

Judges in Raj Rajaratnam’s case of illegal possession took 12 days to file a verdict, although they had to resume the process six days later because one of the judges left due to illness. The trial, which ended when the co-founder of Galleon Group was found guilty of all 14 counts, lasted six weeks from opening to closing.

CEO of Hollinger International Inc. Conrad Black also had to wait 12 days for the verdict to be handed down, following his 14-week fraud in Chicago. And although the case of “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli lasted only four weeks, it took five days for the judges to find him guilty of three of the eight cases.

Here is how some of the higher trials went, all of which ended with one wrong decision:

Another major decision that is still being debated is Ghislaine Maxwell’s socialite. Her mistake of seducing and caring for young girls to be abused by her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, is not a white collar. His trial lasted three weeks and the judges are in their fifth days to discuss it.

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