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Attorney Julian Assange wants appeal in UK against US removal | Stories by Julian Assange

The founder of WikiLeaks filed an application to appeal a recent ruling that paves the way for a US transfer.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has filed an appeal with Britain’s Supreme Court following a verdict of guilty. the lower court ruled this month that he could be sent to the United States on spy charges.

The attorney on Thursday sought permission to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision, saying the US government’s promise that the founder of the website would have no prison problems was legitimate and could be modified according to US officials’ views.

Stella Moris, a lawyer and mother of Assange’s two children, said in a statement that the election was not expected until the third week of January. The Supreme Court is the final court of appeals in Britain.

Stella Morris, a colleague of Julian Assange, said the idea for the petition was not expected before the third week of January. [Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images]

U.S. officials have blamed 50-year-old Assange on 18 counts in connection with the release of WikiLeaks US military intelligence documents and diplomatic cords related to his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which he said put lives at risk.

Assange approached the US court on December 10, after Washington won an appeal against his conviction in the London Supreme Court.

The court said it was satisfied with the assurances of Assange’s imprisonment, including an unenforceable sentence in the “supermax” prison in Florence, Colado, the country’s highest security prison, or “special measures” in addition to isolation. , which can lead to mental retardation.

U.S. officials have also suggested that Australian-born Assange could be transferred to Australia to serve his sentence if convicted.

The Supreme Court’s decision reversed an earlier ruling by a British magistrate’s court stating that it was “extremely unfair” to send her to a US court for her mental illness and possible suicide.

Assange could face up to 175 years in prison in the US, although the actual sentence is difficult to compare.

He has been in prison since 2019, although he has been in prison in the past violation of bail rules in another case, and spent seven years at the Ecuador embassy in London to avoid being deported from Sweden to meet rape cases which were later removed.

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