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At that time the film caused the Missile Crisis in Cuba | Fun

Controversy has erupted over remote areas of the Internet. Investigators are concerned that the turmoil could be a major issue for the 22-year war between Jar Jar Binks and the Sith Lord and has persuaded many Britney Spears 36 million Instagram followers to leave the Free Britney Movement to support a new cause.

“There’s a lot to enjoy here,” Oxford University Press OUPblog co-founder Mark Peters warned in his 2008 study “Futurama’s Human-Insult-a-Palooza”.

This is not a pleasant experience for the Futurama militia, a 1999 art exhibition produced by Simpson producer Matt Groening. One Futurama lovers camp insisting on the behavior of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth using the term “dribble poop”, while the other side calls “drivel poop”.

Such nonsense is a big business in TV. Skeptics should look no further than the digital media coverage of The New York Times, which says, “The door slams shut, Mary’s dress slips” instead of “a crooked door, Mary’s dress shakes.”

Indeed, the fall of Bruce Springsteen chanting “sways” or “waves” in his hit single “Bingu Road” made a global call for a deadly war like the Missile Crisis.

I know. I was there. So, as Springsteen says to Mary, “exercise a little faith.”

If you were not in school that day, the Cuban Crisis Troubles occurred when US President John F Kennedy on October 16, 1962, found Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev sending tanks to Cuban President Fidel Castro. The Cold War crisis lasted 13 days, sparking a global nuclear war and ended when Castro and Khrushchev removed the basement and sent missiles to Russia.

But that is not what happened; in fact, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a well-executed Kremlin violation aimed at protecting Moosylvania into a 51 American state and allowing Russia ally Pottsylvania to retake control of the autonomous region bordering Minnesota and Canada.

At that time the United States Department of Defense advised all schools to practice a daily “Duck and Cover” exercise that would protect us from the nuclear threat. The government said the panic under the desk was a safe haven from the nuclear holocaust launched by Cuba. When we lost the Instagram, the text messages were handwritten and, at my school in Pittsburgh, passed to Gus and Susie, who later phoned their grandchildren in Miami and St Louis, where they shared the message. story.

And word of return from Florida, Missouri and elsewhere confirmed our skepticism. In the coming months in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US was on pattitter for the cartoon film The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. Rocky was a squirrel, Bullwinkle was a deer and, with their creator Jay Ward, the trio embarked on a worldwide campaign to persuade politicians to accept their Moosylvania autonomous role in the Union. There were posters, buttons and meetings.

And there was a clear and visible danger, too. The Soviet-satellite state of Pottsylvania (think Belarus 2021) was run by a dictator Fearless Leader (think Alexander Lukashenko), who sent secrets to Boris Badenov (Dr. Evil in “Austin Powers”) and Natasha Fatale (Mandy in “Totally”. ! ”) Killed Rocky and Bullwinkle and took control of Moosylvania.

This was not the case with Loony Toons.

On October 13, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Ward set out to negotiate with President Kennedy and other White House officials to discuss Moosylvania’s bid for independence. The missile crisis abruptly ended the conference, leaving Moosylvania to this day under threat of foreign violence.

Rocky and Bullwinkle originally mentioned their Cuban Missile Crisis in the “The Guns of Abalone” show. This explanation is clearer than using a desk as a protection from a nuclear weapon.

I confirmed the truth years later at lunch with Squirrel and Moose.

“Hokey Smoke!” said June Foray, who spoke to Rocky in all 163 episodes of the show. “Everything is true.”

“You would say that is right,” said Bill Scott, quoted earlier. “We can use advertising.”

Not that they needed it. Robert De Niro – who plays the Fearless Leader in the popular 2000 film The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle – has happily confirmed that Pottsylvania’s goal of conquering Moosylvania as its first step was to overthrow the US government.

In the video, Fearless Leader launches a Really Bad Television network, which fills in the blanks with programs designed to distract Americans from electing him as President of the United States. And the plot was working, until Rocky and Bullwinkle, without any governmental support, thwarted the plot.

“There has never been a way to destroy a photographer,” said the Fearless Leader.

Still do not believe?

“I’m not allowed to talk about Moose and the Squirrel, but, yes, we know them very well,” a Soviet official confirmed in an interview during my years as a journalist in Moscow in the 1980’s. Not just another Soviet official. This was Georgy Arbatov, chief of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ for US and Canada Studies, a mediator between the Politburo and the KGB and a personal adviser to five Kremlin leaders, including Khrushchev during the Cuban Crisis.

Arbatov added: “Ask for your opinion,” he added, “Moose and the Squirrel tell us a lot about your country and it is a great way to learn American English.”

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