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Books and movies that we are giving away this year

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With you through the second year of the global epidemic and political upheaval, give your loved ones on the holiday shopping list the greatest gift: another way to compensate for the devastation. In Engadget’s 2021 Media Gift Guide you will find a wide range of books – both fake and false – as well as many interesting promotional ideas that you receive on holiday and beyond. If you have a book, exhibition or video that you think would make a great gift, tell us all about it in the comments below!


Black Sun and Rebecca Roanhorse

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NOW best-selling author, Rebecca Roanhorse – the power of back writing Star Wars: Resistance Reborn – he has done it again. His most recent fiction, Between Earth and Heaven, takes readers on a very difficult journey of suffering, healing, revenge, and redemption. First book series, 2020’s Black Sun, creates an intriguing – and inclusive – story that avoids the claims of traditional Arthurian mythology instead of a unique fictional world inspired by Pre-Columbian American culture. If you have any fantasy lovers on your holiday shopping list, take them to the Black Sun before you follow, Fevered Star, will go down next April.

Buy Black Sun on Amazon – $ 13

The Mad Age trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Conclusion a Game of Thrones it was nothing that shot in the face of the fans. I mean, all that and Bran wins? GTFOH images. If you have a favorite George “Double R” Martin on your holiday shopping list, do them a favor and light up Joe Abercrombie. Age of Madness trilogy. Settling in a world where the seeds of industrial development have just taken over even though magic and spiritism refuse to be removed. AoM tells the story of powerful superpowers fighting when powerful human rulers struggle to control the future of their nations and the politics of their courts. Full of charismatic, political, dramatic change of chance and incredible infidelity, The Mad Age is a bad master where everyone, once and for all, gets exactly what they deserve.

Buy Age of Madness trilogy on Amazon – $ 35

1414 pa and Paul Bradley Carr

Books and other discourses of the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Whether we like it or not, this is Jeff Bezos ’world and we all just stay in it. Our state-of-the-art 21st century techno-robber barons have found indescribable wealth and irresistible power; but like a recent book by Paul Bradley Carr, 1414 pa, for example, you would not waste money or have that influence when you die. If you have fans of the fastest and most fun techno whodunnits on your holiday shopping list, 1414 pa be a definite hit.

Buy 1414º on Amazon – $ 5

Escape Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries) author Martha Wells

Books and other discourses of the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Martha Wells can’t stand, can’t stand, lowering Murderbot’s music. The ruling queen of hard sci-fi was released Escape Telemetry – sixth book in Hugo, Nebula, Locus and Alex Award winning list – Earlier this year let me tell you what happened to me, and banger. Our self-proclaimed SecUnit hero is back on another independent journey, this time on the way to a brutal assassin who boarded the Preservation (space) Station. If the sci-finatic on your holiday shopping list enjoys space and robotic secrets, you can’t go wrong. Escape Telemetry.

Buy Fugitive Telemetry on Amazon – $ 12

Immortal Mercenaries BV Larson series

The year is 2052 and the Earth finds itself unwilling to live in a galactic empire that never knew it existed and is presented with a simple choice: provide our new rulers with possible trade or facial destruction. As a result, the world’s armies are born. Armed with alien weapons and incredible technology that allows soldiers to be recaptured after being killed in battle – such as a retrieval from ancient but more extensive depots – world armies flew across the stars to fight the battles of the galaxies. they are so important that they cannot fight on their own. Kale 16 deep books, author BV Larson continues to lead the sci-fi genre from the front, so if you have a lover Starship Troopers, Aliens-style space marines, or Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow on your holiday shopping list, thank you! You can cross them now.

Buy the Undying Mercenaries list (16 books) at Amazon – $ 110


A girl reading a book on robotics in a library.  Okayama, Japan

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Bright Galaxies, Dark Ages, and Beyond and Ashley Jean Yeager

Away from the name of the house, pioneering research by astronomer Vera Rubin helped scientists to confirm that black matter — the mysterious substance that forms the universe but cannot be seen — actually exists. Mu Bright Galaxies, Dark Ages, and Beyond (not to be confused with Bright Galaxies, Dark Things, by Rubin’s own author), author Ashley Jean Yeager takes readers on an inspiring journey through space years before looking at the challenges they face in working for a profession that is often hostile, dominated by men, and its assertiveness and professional success – looking at you Vera C. Rubin Observatory. If you have another young person on your vacation buying list who wants to pursue STEM, this could be a book that puts them on the path to scientific growth.

Buy Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond on Amazon – $ 15

N-4 Down and Mark Piesing

In the time of Zeppelin, airplanes were not the best way to slowly travel to distant places in comfort and luxury, they also offered a new way (even pokey) to explore. N-4 Down Writer Mark Piesing takes readers on a thrilling, nail-biting tour of the largest rescue operation in history as the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen rushed to rescue the rest of the plane. Italy, which collapsed in an attempt to place men at the North Pole in 1928. History and air travel on the holiday shopping list will be very popular.

Buy N-4 Under Amazon – $ 15

Under the White Sky and Elizabeth Kolbert

For the past 10,000 years, humanity has had a profound and lasting impact on the environment. But as more and more climate change causes its problems, people should strive to change or reduce the harm we have caused. Mu Under Sky White: The Culture of the Future, Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Kolbert explores what we can do to improve things with Mother Earth and prevent climate change.

Buy Under a White Sky on Amazon – $ 13

The Quiet Zone and Stephen Kurczy

Books and other discourses of the Engadget 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Green Bank, West Virginia, technically, established in the 1950s. And for good reason! This Appalachian town has a terrific radio telescope at the Green Bank observatory, which requires that any device capable of producing a radio signature – anything from iPads to microwaves – will be severely restricted. Mu The Quiet Zone, journalist and author Stephen Kurczy, is setting himself up in the Green Bank to give readers an idea of ​​what life would be like without our precious digital technology. The Quiet Zone is a great gift for those who want luddite on your vacation shopping list.

Buy The Quiet Zone on Amazon – $ 13


A girl watches TV on her laptop in bed at night.

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Considering the many risks associated with COVID that retailers are preparing for the upcoming holiday season, finding a headline can be a daunting task. As a result, you might consider offering book worms on your vacation shopping list Kindle Paperwhite and enroll in Amazon Kindle Unlimited? Almost all the books mentioned above are available online along with millions of others as well as magazines and magazines.

But there is so much to read on that long winter night so why not curl up in bed with a nice cup of coconut and see the best examples of the new Golden Age of Television? If you have Trekkie on your holiday shopping list, you can’t go wrong with signing up Winner +. The $ 5 – $ 10 a month job opens many Star Trek shows including Emmy award winners. Picard it’s funny Downhill.

For cinephile on your list, thinking you can’t put your hands on what’s coming Criterion 4K collections, and Registration for HBO Max it works the same way. For $ 10 a month, you give a gift of a great selection of videos as well as well-known weekly stories and interviews like Stop by Sam Jay and This week Tonight is John Oliver, not to mention extraordinary writings such as Street Terrorists: How We Arrived on Sesame Street.

Do you have anyone with small children on your gift list? Throw them a bone and a Disney + subscription. The service features a number of Disney recordings of many years as well as a new series for the benefit of families and sections that reach every day.

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