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Arizona’s assessment of the 2020 vote has ‘QAnon problem’: Report | Donald Trump’s story


Arizona’s observation of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election could lead to a “QAnon crisis”, according to the Media Matters executive.

The Republican-led Senate ordered a re-election of nearly 2.1 million votes in April, following months of false voter fraud President Donald Trump, his supporters and factional groups who allegedly voted against him.

Joe Biden was the first democratically elected president of the Democratic Republic of Arizona since 1996, winning nearly 10,000 votes out of 3.3 million cast, which supported Biden Electen College to fight.

Votes and computer hard drives containing information about counting of votes were confiscated and handed over to Cyber ​​Ninjas, the company appointed to oversee the survey. Arizona Parliament.

Cyber ​​Ninjas “has no knowledge of the election” and is led by Doug Logan, “a man who has shared unproven theories that the results of the 2020 presidential election are fraudulent,” said the Associated Press.

Many of these theories were stated by QAnon, various conspiracy theories surrounding Trump’s ideology were chosen to fight the “Deep State” charity that harvested children’s blood to stay young.

Maricopa County voting in the 2020 election is bound by a safe haven where a box is provided for inspection and review by contractors working for a Florida company, Cyber ​​Ninjas, on May 6, 2021 [File: Matt York/Pool via AP Photo]

This is said to have encouraged them January 6 terrorists which saw Trump fighters attack the U.S. Capitol to block a congressional meeting to confirm Biden’s victory.

According to Media Matters Report, author Olivia Little, “seems to be the evidence that the effort and effort it takes to create a two-way street QAnon followers Liz Harris and Bobby Piton. ”

Media Matters says Harris and Piton have “leading roles as the most motivating Election in Arizona counterfeit, secretive myths ”by government officials.

An Arizona Republic report by Media Matters says Harris and Piton are the most prominent in the review.

Harris ran as a Republican at the Arizona House of Representatives in 2020, but lost. They try to seduce “voter fraud” in order to obtain voter fraud as well as “several daily videos related to Arizona research on YouTube and Facebook”, according to Media Matters.

Piton is the head of an Illinois investment company.

Media Matters also says the three appear to be connected. It also cites Piton’s comments on the media to the right of the Gab that they have submitted their findings on the Maricopa voting fraud to Logan, “the man who succeeded in trying to conduct the survey”.

Piton confirmed The Daily Beast in April he was working on the “unconventional” detection work after Logan asked for help. Piton also appeared on YouTube, praying for the Logan and Harris rosary.

QAnon’s commentary appears on a car that participated in a group event in Adairsville, Georgia on September 5, 2020 [File: Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters]

His Facebook account appears to have shared many photos in support of Trump and others who oppose the results of the 2020 elections that came from QAnon factions, according to the report. Some contain the word QAnon WWG1WGA, which means “Where We Go One, We Go All Together”.

Harris press coverage is the same, the report said.

Media Matters reports that Piton “published what appears to be a” and “confidential meeting on election elections among Harris, [Representative] Andy Biggs, a member of the Arizona Senate, is himself ”.


This review has been criticized for perpetuating conspiracy theories and concerns about its methods.

The United States Department of Human Rights has written to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann that the vote-rigging could be in violation of state law that requires votes to remain in the hands of election officials for 22 months.

Deputy Attorney General for the United States Attorney Pamela Karlan wrote: “Previous findings in the national referendum have raised concerns about the potential for a small number of voters, which could lead to the threat of a crackdown on the Freedom of Voting Act. could be dangerous for eligible voters and could prevent them from voting in the future. ”

Jennifer Morrell, a co-founder of Elections Group, a technology consulting firm for state and federal election officers, who has never worked in Arizona, told the AP, “I think what is happening here is irrelevant and unstable or similar in nature. . ”

Cyber ​​Ninjas did not immediately respond to Al Jazeera’s request for comment. Calling Piton manufacturer was not answered.

Harris told Al Jazeera in a text message: “What you’re saying tells me you’re a part of the crisis.”

According to Media Matters, “Harris and Piton’s presence in Arizona is not just a matter of fact – if their claim that they are working with Arizona’s auditors and cinematographers is true, it means that efforts to tackle Arizona’s election results have been quietly launched by two supporters QAnon is working from within. ”

Arizona Republicans seem unconcerned. Arizona Senate has signed an agreement to continue its coverage on Friday. Rental expires at the end of June.


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