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Apple allows Parler to return to the App Store

Speak up can return to Apple’s App Store as soon as it provides the green light. apple wrote a letter to Congress the Parler transformers who were asked to identify and correct hate speech and violent statements were sufficient.

Timothy Powderly, Apple’s chief of public affairs in the United States, has written this since its release Speak up from the App Store in January, Apple “had a lot of discussions” with the team that oversees the app to comply with App Store rules.

“As a result of this discussion, Parler has made changes to his program and the way the program manages it,” Powderly wrote of the election, which was first mentioned by CNN. “The App Monitoring Team has notified Parler since April 14th, 2021, that its modified app will be approved for restoration in the App Store. Apple expects the updated Parler app to be available when Parler releases.”

Apple sent the letter to Senator Mike Lee and Representative Ken Buck, who asked Apple on March 31 to explain why it had changed Parler. He also said that the app review team has found “many notes on Parler’s program that violate Guidelines 1.1.1. [on “Objectionable Content], in addition to writings that promote violence, denigrate racial, ethnic, and religious groups, honor the Nazis, and promote violence against others. “

On January 8, Apple gave Parler 24 hours to respond with a comprehensive plan to upgrade its platform. Parler did not do this, and Apple uninstalled the app.

Google pulled Parler from the Play Store at the same time, with Amazon Web Services launched the software on its servers after months of violent warnings on the platform. Parler later criticized Amazon. Apple said it made the sole decision without Google and Amazon, and did not discuss the matter with them.

Speak up he tried to return to the App Store in March, but Apple still found that the app contained “inappropriate content”. The app is known as “free speech” instead of Twitter. It brought popularity among right-wing activists and supporters of Donald Trump Apple and Google before its launch in their post-sales market January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

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