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Anything you missed on E3 2021

Square Enix

The Square Enix’s E3 show was tracked from Microsoft, and was very strong in terms of content, even disappointing to some fans.

Guardians of the Way, a new game to build Marvel from the team at the back of the Deus Ex series, has received a very long show, and it seems to be promising. In contrast Unpredictable Revenge, Defenders with a single player, which is driven by storytelling, with an emphasis on decision-making and relationships.

The fall of Babylon, the long-awaited deal between PlatinumGames and SquareEnix, was also well-publicized. In contrast to the final work of the two together, Nier: Automata, this is an online-only, game-like-task method, which is very difficult to get accurate. PlatinumGames has a good track record of making fun things, which is why we are curious about the beta falling.

E3’s first major meme was “chaos.” That is, the trailer for the Final Fantasy spinoff (fresh air) The Most Infamous Stranger of Paradise. The Internet had a lot of fun with the protagonist’s costumes and the ones that seem to just take the “chaos” over and over again. In addition, the display of the new game went down after the show, and … it broke down. Very broken. He couldn’t play for about two days, and then when it did, we were impressed but not worried. You can read Mat Smith’s UK Bureau’s views on the matter Pano.

Developing this show fast because, wow, we have a lot to go through: Life is Strange: Colors True he tried to explain that empathy for others is as good as travel; there are some good ones “pixels-good”Reminds Final Fantasy Me, II, III, IV, V and WE on the way; and… was very good. No. Final Fantasy XVI and no Forgiveness; no Dragon Quest, no Tomb Raider, no Deus Ex, no Just Cause, no Kingdom Hearts. No, no, no.

Shortage of Final Fantasy XVI and Forgiveness they can be low on their own platform. The first is for PS5 only, while the last is for PS5 and PC only. This makes them a good fit for the Sony PlayStation event, which is likely to be updated soon.

Nintendo games

Nintendo has always been the last of the major players to host the E3 show, and this year was no different. Mario + Rabbids: The End of Hope it was obviously something familiar from the Ubisoft show, but there wasn’t much to create. (E3 did not see the new Nintendo switchch, although there were various media reports before the show insisted it would be.)

The direct demonstration began with the habit “there’s a new version of Smash Bros.” this time Kazuya of Tekken, who crashed our E3 and threw Kirby into an explosion. Then came Fear of Metroid, the fifth mainline game of Metroid and more Metroid Prime 4. Editor-in-Chief Aaron Souppouris took a closer look Fear and he left stunned.

Returning to the past was a topic of conversation. WarioWare: Make It Together! is a new name in a series of mini-games for Intelligent Systems, and the first in the genre since 2013 Games & Wario on the Wii U. Some Intelligent Systems feeds return: Front Wars 1 + 2 Camp Restart is a reminder of two of the top Game Boy Advance games, developed by WayForward Technologies, which had a very positive role DuckTales: Reinstatement.

Although Metroid Prime 4 did not make the form, which is highly anticipated Natural Breathing did – after stepping on the low keys from Nintendo. The company said it had time for the “last thing”, and it showed coolness Zelda Game & Watch manually, before he dropped the car, everyone was waiting for him. There weren’t many games to play, and we still don’t know what they’re called, but 100-second video had the right mix of fantasies and (we think) mobile devices in the process of making fans lose their minds. The arrogant pop-up window “2022” at the end of the trailer was slightly affected by the language after saying it “wanted” a window. Nintendo is not shy about delaying games, so keep in mind that you may not be able to participate in it next year.

With Nintendo’s display and elsewhere, the intriguing story of “Cloud Version” continued. Square Enix a Guardians of the Way is coming Changing with a coating cloud, as it were all Plague: Infallibility and Plague Story: Requiem. This started in Japan with Resident Evil VII and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey release, but see Control and Writer Hitman 3 come west this way too. It should come as no surprise: Supported by all the other needs, switch, worldwide, selling Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 plus a base of close to 100 million, Nintendo platform is too big to ignore. If there is a way to get the game in front of the players, wait for the publishers to make it happen.

There were many more announcements. Change yourself Shin Megami Tensei V he has a release date; there are new Mario Party games, these that have more people online from the beginning; the Life is Strange series, including Really True, is coming Change; and Danganronpa Games, once the PSP and Vita are needed, they are also on the way. Direct Direct, OlliOlli The world, the next in another Vita classic, is good performance, and I’m coming to Nintendo Switch this winter.

Obviously, Nintendo couldn’t please anyone, as well as the lack of Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3 was the source of several complaints after the show. Only one switch, Pit Knight Silksong, was not found, although the developers made it clear in front of E3 how it would be. In the case of Bayonetta 3, enough people complained to PlatinumGames founder Hideki Kamiya that he took them to Twitter to get a better idea of ​​his views. Development is progressing well, said Kamiya, pointing out that “it is nothing but pollution … That’s why the person who says ‘Tell me if you’re growing up’ is a nasty person who can wait and open his mouth on the remaining belt holders.” Lover.

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