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The Flash Teases Supergirl Costume In New Andy Muschietti Tease

Sasha Calle Supergirl's clothing line, as revealed by director Andy Muschietti of DC and Warner Bros.  'the long-awaited Flash video.

Hello, Kara.
Figure: Photo by Andy Muscietti / Warner Bros.

The iron girl is with us – but before she left for the movie theater alone, she was getting ready Shenanigans Andy Muschietti inside The flash, and we have a new look at his clothes.

In the former veins of Batman back to Michael Keaton and Ezra Miller Flash Dress, Flash Director Andy Muschietti has taken to Instagram to unveil our first look at Supergirl’s outfit, who has made his new DC debut in the film, yet to be released in June 2022. Young people‘s Sasha Calle will show Kara, Superman’s cousin and fellow Krypton’s devastated orphan, in the video.

As is often the case in the play, Kara’s Supergirl outfit offers a lot of ideas from the design language Superman of Henry Cavill. The same look is found here on the suit with the “S” as seen in the Superman costume from the time he was born Man of Steel, however Kara changes unwittingly, including the paisley-esque color that goes beyond her logo. Which, perhaps, still represents hope.

But what makes his dress so different from Kal-El’s is that it looks so red around his neck and shoulder, almost to the point of his chest mark. It’s a fun choice, and one that makes him a little different from Superman – we can only imagine how we would look at the whole outfit, but maybe it’s a sign of a cap attached as part of a suit, compared to how Superman got into the lower “neck”?

We have plenty of time to think – and we will definitely see more in the future The flashJune 2022 release date.

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