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Anova’s Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro is half the price of Amazon

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If you are looking for that chef’s gift of a chef in your life (or if you want another useful tool for your kitchen), it is worth checking out Anova’s Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro. Gadget, which wants to make deny sous vide wind, right now $ 200 on Amazon – $ 199 for the average price. Si of course the lowest price we have ever seen for gizmo, which was $ 199, but it is not far off.

Buy Anova Precision Cooker Pro on Amazon – $ 199

The sous vide recipe involves putting food in a sealed bag and placing it in water. Precision Cooker Pro, which closes your pot, retains heat well and circulates water so that your food can be cooked evenly. The idea is that you should have a well-cooked meal at all times without paying attention.

You can customize it using the Anova software or tooltips. The app also has thousands of free ideas for recipes, so you will have something new to try.

Precision Cooker Pro is Anova’s most powerful sous video device. It can heat up to 20 gallons of water using 1,200 watts. Anova says the device can run up to 10,000 hours before it is turned off. It’s a very solid machine. Precision Cooker Pro is made of stainless steel and must withstand accidental falls. With IPX-7 it also voted, so if you put it in the wrong water, it should still work.

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