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Interview with Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Martin-Green, Wiseman, Ajala

The 31st Century version of the USS Discovery, which flies away from the Federation and Starfleet HQ.

Let’s fly, Discovery.
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You can imagine being thrown thousands of years later and so on saving the remnants of the Federation it was enough to take action Discover against them, but looks like season four it gives the ship – and its new Captain – a lot of challenges to deal with. But for all actions, Discover‘s stars tell io9 new season will see live exploration among the stars.

Even the concept of a catastrophic galaxy alone is not new Discover, the first reason for this season is, at least: instead of a number or a group for our heroes to follow, the coming catastrophe in the fourth season is very strange, the inability of space to destroy the planets whether they are part of the world. Federation or not.

“By then, we were closing at the time. Our room in season 4 was made by Zoom, we didn’t meet face to face. As a result, we were all feeling the impact of what we were writing,” Michelle Paradise told io9 on video.Journey has a history of looking around the world ‘- we do this every season, we do this this season – and we look at what the epidemic is doing in the mind, how does it affect people? From there came the great themes of climate, uncertainty and hope and hope – and the idea that if we all come together I would consider it. [The anomaly] really born out of that. It’s not one-on-one, the problems don’t make people sick, we don’t do epidemic season. Just emotional, [it’s] I’m looking for a place we were all in. “

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It’s a new kind of test for Discover co-workers, who had been in the past a long time trying to make themselves dependent on the Federation of the 31st century – were falling into the future so far he managed to show up after intergalactic inhibition over time. “I think the partners have strengthened their position in many ways in the third season,” he said. and of course, in the end, [the Discovery crew] is the one who came out and finally realized what Burning meant, and that it will never affect us again, ”continued Paradise. “I think to some extent it’s like the first part of the Federation as it goes, and it’s growing. Hopefully, people will have more confidence in it and comfort in it and Burnham in the chair, and just understand that our heroes are at work and it will take us all … but, you know, they ‘I’ll realize!’

The one who needs to do more in realizing that, is Michael of Sonequa Martin-Green, who joined the movement. Discover chair officially as a series’ new Captain. But Michael, in addition to his new uniform or not, is still Michael, and that means hitting the heads along the way — and allied with enemies alike. “There are all sorts of new things to learn as a Captain. It’s a new role. Obviously, it comes with a crazy role … and of course, Burnham, we’ve seen change and grow and be ready for it, really ready,” Martin mocked at the controversy that character will face in the season. is coming. . But there are other problems — the fighting is not over. It’s not like all aspects of being a captain are easy. There are many things Burnham has to learn. A lot of things the division needs that I know Burnham didn’t realize they were getting into. So, yeah. You’ll see it all, which I think is a lot of fun. “

Michael’s new arguments call for some kind of evolution not only for himself, but also for his close friends at the show. Now that Burnham is in the captain’s seat instead of just traveling around the ship as he did in the past – and now that Saru is about to enter the season – what does that mean for the relationship he has formed. far away? “I think, for Tilly, there is always something when your friends start a new job, or something really great happens to them — whether they have a baby or a promotion or eventually become a professional forerunner! I’m so happy for them, and then you feel like you’re losing them a little bit and you have to admit they got a new role, “said Mary Wiseman, who plays Tilly, said of young Ensign’s thoughts on Michael’s promotion.

Illustration of the story Star Trek: Discovery's Crew Makes Us a Way to Part 4

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Wiseman continued:[She has to] make them happy and in love, and also realize that it is the end of time. There is an incident [this season] where they are in their room they share together, where you see that, when they are captain, Michael does not continue to have a roommate. Maybe they find a better place! And it’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re not roommates because you’re up,’ and because they’re on the same track, but Burnham in front of them, they seem a little more aware. her future may look as if she sees her friend fulfilling this. He begins to think about this, too, and I think, it’s all about love and happiness and the feeling that this is so right. ”

“I think I’m very proud to see Michael Burnham as captain,” said David Ajala, a former bookmaker who has … More when he joined Michael last season, he added. “She has to be a captain – and a captain and a leader that everyone needs. It’s like what Mary was saying, it sounds like the end of time, because you see the person you love and love progress in career choices and responsibilities and there has to be a peaceful, loving part of it. let some things go. ” That means that even if he gets closer, Michael’s new approach will bring its own challenges to all other employees, Book and Tilly are included. “That will be a new part of the Cleveland Book by Michael Burnham – and Tilly and Michael Burnham,” Their love is strong enough, there will be enough space to allow Michael Burnham to grow and become a better performer. “

Illustration of the story Star Trek: Discovery's Crew Makes Us a Way to Part 4

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One Discover co-workers, in particular, can be sure: Paul Stamets of Anthony Rapp, who sat. DiscoverAt the end of the third season he was pushed into a tube by Michael to protect him (and his strength Discover‘s space-folding spore drive engine) at the expense of Paul after failing to rescue his colleague Hugh. But Starfleet’s time and expertise, according to the player, means that by the time Paul and Michael meet the eye in the new season, things are. to be they’ve changed between them, but it’s good. “It was a moment of incredible stress we had, but – sometimes it really means the way it was at the time,” Rapp laughed. “Some time has passed, we are at the beginning of the fourth season and they are all alive and well, so, I think it allows for a more relaxed environment – and a little forgiving. [for Stamets] going to ‘tsk tsk … I will never forget it.’ But Paul and Michael had to face many challenges together. They have a lot of love for each other, so it only adds to the weight of the tape. ”

Being able to stop and move forward in the face of adversity is something that is very important Discoverthe stars are coming in a new season. “Most of us have given up a lot in the past, so by the third season it’s clear we have a bigger family, you know? workers, “Wiseman said. “We all have the same problem. There is no denying the reverence of the sacrifices and the deep experiences of each other. It just feels better than before, like, we are each other’s family. ”

I think there is a part of the care and compassion we have in your community when you face adversity and hardship, and you have to be there for each other to deal with it, “concluded Ajala. a friend. When you see this group grow and overcome challenges and situations, as an audience you are in the room. Survival, pull…

Star Trek: Find the fourth season hits Paramount + on November 18th.

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