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Amazon to open its first clothing store in California mall | Business News

Relocation can also be a threat to traditional clothing retailers because of the data and consumer information that Amazon can benefit from, retailers experts say.

First, Amazon competed with the markets. Now, that’s moving within one.

An online retailer said Thursday it plans to open a clothing retailer at the Southern California mall later this year. It is the latest sale of bricks and mortar to Amazon, which already sells more than 10 percent of all clothing in the United States.

The store, which will sell women’s and men’s clothing as well as shoes and accessories, will open at Americana Brand, mall in Glendale, California. Relocation could also be a risk to traditional clothing retailers because of the data and consumer information that Amazon could benefit from, experts say.

Amazon says its algorithms spit on real-time ideas while consumers look at the things they see. Consumers can also fill out online surveys on their appearance and fitness preferences.

The store will be approximately 2,787sq m (30,000sq ft), the same size as Kohl, but about one-third of the size of other supermarkets like Macy’s. However, it will offer twice as much style as traditional stores do because only one outfit for each outfit will be displayed, with everything else in the back room. The items are selected by Amazon curators who also use the feedback provided by millions of customer customers on

Simoina Vasen, chief executive of Amazon Style, declined to comment on the idea of ​​releasing new store ideas or retail products. Amazon did not say the exact date of the opening of the Glendale store.

Amazon selected Walmart as the largest clothing retailer last year during the coronavirus epidemic as more and more people began shopping online.

Wells Fargo predicted in March that Amazon’s sales of clothing and footwear in the US rose by almost 15% in 2020 to $ 41bn. That’s about 20-25 percent above Walmart and accounts for 11 to 12 percent of all clothing sold in the US.

Amazon has been very interested in recent years through its content and in September 2020, it launched an online store called Luxury Stores.

Shoppers at the Amazon Style store can look at the items on display and draw a QR code to see the size, colors and votes of the customer. Buyers can send items to custom rooms or directly to the store counter. When they enter a suitable room, customers can request additional items using the artwork.

“Amazon Style also considers the possibilities in the right room, and transforms it into a place where customers can continue to buy stylish clothes,” Vasen wrote in the Amazon blog.

Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, said retail space could boost Amazon’s appeal in the region, especially among clothing retailers who specialize in researching and browsing retail stores. And it can empower Amazon with more purchases.

But he also warned that Amazon’s success depended on assassination.

“Normally, it’s not good to make high-end store art,” Saunders said. “They are very strong professionally and professionally but they can be lacking in spirit and soul – all of which are very important in fashion as consumers love inspiration, refinement, and their workmanship.”

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