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Algeria receives “positive” French comments between the lines | Emmanuel Macron News


The Algerian Foreign Minister says Macron’s comments on the grievances and recent disputes show respect for Algiers.

Algeria has received comments from the office of French President Emmanuel Macron expressing regret over a dispute that erupted over the former French colony.

Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra also confirmed on Wednesday that Algerian officials would attend a Libyan summit in Paris, although President Abdelmadjid Tebboune himself would not.

The statement from Macron’s office “contains the right attitude that honors Algeria, its history, past and present, as well as respect for Algerian rule,” Lamamra told Algerian ambassadors.

Macron in October criticized the Algerian authorities for rewriting history and inciting hatred against France, but his office on Tuesday reiterated its “high regard” for the North African state.

“The President is concerned about the conflicts and misunderstandings that have arisen over the statements made and I add that President Macron has great respect for Algeria, its history and Algerian rule,” he said.

“They work closely with the development of our two countries to benefit the people of Algeria and France and to address a major regional crisis, starting with Libya.”

The exchange comes as France prepares for Friday’s summit on neighboring Algeria, which has been embroiled in war in Libya, with the aim of securing elections in December.

Macron invited Tebboune to the conference.

“It was anticipated that Algeria would take part in the summit, but not at the level of the President of the Republic,” Lamamra said Wednesday.

“What is available is enough (for him) to participate in the conference, although he has committed himself to the good work of Algeria and the Libyan brothers and pushed for the Libyan cause to find a peaceful and democratic solution.”

Relations between France and Algeria have been strained for the past 60 years since France gained independence after a brutal war.

Since his election in 2017, Macron has continued to persecute his French counterparts for 130 years, but ties have broken down again in October after he criticized the “Algerian military” in rewriting the country’s history to promote “hatred for France”.

Speaking to the descendants of the freedom fighters quoted in Le Monde newspaper, Macron also questioned whether Algeria had existed as a country in France before the 1800s.

This sparked much interest in Algiers, coming after a Paris proposal last month to significantly reduce visas issued to citizens of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Algiers removed his ambassador and banned French warplanes from his airspace, which he regularly uses in West Africa.

Macron tried to repair the fence with Tebboune, but the Algerian leader criticized him for criticizing Algeria for winning the election and for “meaningless” resuming the old feud.

US Deputy President Kamala Harris and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are expected to attend the Libyan summit.


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