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Al Jazeera wins Nine Short Awards | Media News

Digital Division receives three jury awards, second place gold and five Audience Honors at the 2021 Shorty Awards for Social Media and Brands.

Al Jazeera won nine Shorty awards during which the winners came out on Friday night. The Act awarded three Winners of the Gold Award and one gold medal in the industry for excellence in digital production.

The English and Arab teams of Al Jazeera’s Digital Division also exchanged finalists for the Audience Honor, beating the competition from various graduates.

The winner of the jury was given Best Training Video to Get Started Here, a list of current commentaries that brings in-depth viewers to the main stories of the day. The team also won the Audience Dignity at this stage, with more votes than the finalists. Start Here also won the third prize – audience respect – in Make good use of the Facebook Video team.

Al Jazeera’s Emmy nominated VR and media studio, Variation of AJ, as well as came out as the winner of a judge in the News & Media category Being anonymous, a page of support for Uighur Muslims living in exile. Being in the Unknown has won the best awards in other awards, including the 2021 Amnesty Media Awards and the 2020 Online Journalism Awards.

Online news and current events AJ + as well you did Best Award for Best Movies a She survived Ebola. Now this Doctor is fighting Coronavirus. A short video of this kind sadly describes one day in the life of an ER doctor working day and night to save people from the spread of COVID-19 in New York City.

The program of Al Jazeera English Facebook group he won Gold jury award Award for Facebook’s best coverage for publishing the latest global news in 2020 – from epidemics, demonstrations in Hong Kong and US elections to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. The program of Al Jazeera English Instagram The team won the Audience honor on Good Presence on Instagram.

Ejaz (Briefly) is the first Arabian daily news in the Middle East & North Africa [Al Jazeera]

Earlier on the network, Digital Newsroom scored the final three goals, two of which were transformed into an Audience Audience due to the viral performance of broadcasting global news to an Arab audience. Digital Newsroom dug up its 26 million Facebook followers to come out with the Audience thanks to Facebook’s Good Presence. And the group also received a Second Audience award for Ejaz’s excellent News & Media (Briefly) – Arabia’s first daily “simple” story in the Middle East & North Africa.

“We can’t be proud of our teams,” said Drs. Yaser Bishr, Digital CEO at Al Jazeera Media Network. “Despite the epidemic, they have worked hard to reach the audience with human stories and to present the story more accurately and effectively. And their ability to attract English and Arab audiences speaks volumes about the reach of our digital products around the world. We thank them for this work.”

As a result of the epidemic, the 13th annual Shorty Awards announced winners over four days on their Instagram page. The shortlisted judges also selected Al Jazeera English along with other successful drivers for Brand of the Year. The grand prize was awarded to Facebook on media as the event ended.

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