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Airstrikes in Israel destroy Gaza tower block | Gaza News


Hamas says it has set up 130 rockets to Israel after a Gaza building collapsed after an Israeli plane was shot down.

A 13-story apartment building in Gaza City has collapsed after Israeli eagles fortified the building.

There were no reports of casualties among the people, who are said to have left the podium of Hanadi before the event.

The video showed three black smoke rising from the tower, its upstairs rooms still standing until they collapsed on the floor. The platform has an office used by Hamas political leaders who are Islamic rulers.

The lights around the house went out. Citizens would use a flashlight to search for items near.

Following the strike, Hamas, which oversees the Gaza Strip, has launched 130 rockets into Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Hamas-armed wing, the Qassem Brigades, had warned of retaliation for what had happened on the coastal platform, before confirming that it had launched “Tel Aviv and its 130-point zones”.

This is a growing story. More to follow …


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