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Airbnb says customers who pay higher prices because the cost of travel is rising


Airbnb’s earnings for the first quarter showed a good resumption in North America as bans were reduced, and visitors paid higher prices on large and rural objects.

Airbnb’s quarterly revenue of $ 887m rose 5% immediately from last year. Wall Street expected $ 721m in quarterback payments.

The number of depositors – 64.4m – rose 13% in the first quarter of last year, while daily prices were $ 160, up 35% year-on-year.

The total cost of booking – the full amount of all-night and book-based experiences – came in at $ 10.3bn, up 52% ​​immediately in 2020 when the epidemic began to affect travel, and 3% more than in 2019. According to FactSet, researchers were expecting $ 7.87bn .

The company said the increase was due to more expensive reservations: more trips that include whole families, residential properties, and other non-urban areas. The availability of active lists has remained unchanged since the fourth year of 2020, the company said, despite an increase in the number of service providers in non-urban areas.

Despite the huge budget, Airbnb sent its first quarter of $ 1.8bn in the first quarter, much more than Wall Street expected a loss of $ 680m.

Airbnb said several of the once-paid payments resulted in a sharp decline, including fines imposed on goods, emergency money received during the epidemic, and the demise of an office in San Francisco.

The reduction in fees – as well as interest rates, taxes, lower prices, and deductions – Airbnb said the revised ebitda was $ 59m, which hit an investigation by experts, according to Capital IQ data.

The company said it hopes to reserve more space in the region by 2020, due to the epidemic last year. He also said he hoped higher prices would continue.

“With the availability of vaccines and the reduction of other travel restrictions, there has been a strong demand for tourists to seek out and reserve trips at the end of the year,” Airbnb said.

It warned that its business was not well known outside the US. Recovery in Europe, in particular, relies on the “hardness and length” of regular travel restrictions.


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