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France calls on police to stop anti-Palestinian protests in Paris | Gaza News


France’s interior ministry has called on police to block anti-Palestinian protests in Paris this week against the recent spate of Israeli airstrikes in the Palestinian Territories in Gaza and attacks on East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“I have asked the Paris police chief to stop the protests on Saturday in connection with the recent crisis in the Middle East,” Gerald Darmanin, France’s interior minister, wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

“Major public unrest was reported in 2014,” he said, referring to protests against Israel’s actions in Gaza that year.

“He was instructed by supervisors to be vigilant and firm,” he added.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

More than 100 people killed in Gaza as of Monday, including 27 children, according to health officials, as well as more than 580 others were injured in a major Israeli offensive.

At least six Israeli and one Indian national have been killed in Israel by rocket launchers and Hamas, political rulers in Gaza.

A wave of violence followed the troubled gods of East Jerusalem of a court order to force several Palestinian families to be evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah’s area.

In letters submitted by the AFP news agency, Darmanin also urged police officers to ensure “protection of places of worship, schools, cultural sites and Jewish businesses”.

Several demonstrations took place in France in July 2014 condemning Israel’s actions on the Gaza Strip.

On July 19, 2014, several thousand observers protested the ban on demonstrations in Barbes and the rally was turned into violence that lasted for hours.

‘Exhibition is free’

Darmanin’s announcement was opposed by freedom fighters and politicians who said there was no reason to ban the protests.

“Demonstration is a right you have to be a guarantor of,” French MP Elsa Faucillon said in a tweet in response to Darmanin.

“And in this case, when our country has been silent for the reasons that have been going on, it seems like a job to me!”

Sihame Assbague, a Paris-based journalist, said Darmanin’s idea of ​​banning anti-Palestinian protests was for two reasons, including that “there is a colonial alliance in France with the Israeli army”.

“You do not support anti-colonial political parties,” he added.

Yasser Louati, head of the Committee for Justice and Liberties, told Al Jazeera from Paris that “we will walk if [French President Emmanuel] Macron and Darmanin like it or not ”.

“The Palestinian people have the right to life and security. If they can fight the bomb and clean up the nations, we can pass on tear gas and arrest them, “said Louati, who also oversees podcast Le Breakdown, said.

The president of the Solidarity group is arrested

On Wednesday, French authorities arrested the President of the Palestinian Association France-Palestine Solidarite (AFPS), who was preparing to hold a peace conference in Paris.

Bertrand Heilbronn was arrested after attending a meeting at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. He was accompanied by members of parliament and representatives, according to AFPS.

The coalition group demanded a demonstration Wednesday to support the Palestinians.

On Thursday, AFPS announced the release of Heilbronn.


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