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African activities of COVID work violated by export ban law in India | Coronavirus News Plague

Several African countries do not have the AstraZeneca vaccine to use other drugs after India banned the export because of the crisis.

Africa’s anti-COVID-19 workforce is facing significant delays due to the ban on exports to India as it struggles with a recurrence of the disease, said a health official in Africa.

The AstraZeneca vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India is supposed to be part of a COVAX-funded UNVA-sponsored distribution agreement for low- and middle-income countries.

The crisis in India and the idea of ​​banning the importation of vaccines have had a profound effect on the number of vaccines in Africa, which was already in the rest of the world, said John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thursday.

Several African countries have donated all the AstraZeneca vaccines they have received, hoping to introduce a second-rate vaccine, Nkengasong said at a press conference each week.

But because of India’s ban on exports, those countries do not have the AstraZeneca vaccine to give people their second level.

“There is a possibility that, depending on the situation in India, there will be significant delays,” said Nkengasong, who advocates the use of another vaccine.

“States should look at ways in which they can get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that is available through the African Union vaccination group as an alternative, which is a single-dose vaccine,” he said.

The continent has more than 4.7 million people who have been diagnosed with a total of 127,000,000 deaths since the outbreak, which accounts for 3% of the world’s disease and 4% of deaths worldwide, Nkengasong said.

South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Egypt together account for about 60 percent of all contracted diseases.

More than 56,000 cases were reported last week, down 6% of new infections compared to the previous week, he said.

Nkengasong said nine African countries have made significant changes in India.

“The way the virus is circulating and spreading shows that it is a matter of time before the diversity will spread across the region,” Nkengasong said.

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