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Africa wants 20m high school AstraZeneca jabs in six weeks: WHO | Coronavirus News Plague

The UN’s chief health officer in Africa said the vaccination in Africa would lead to ‘loss of lives and hope’.

Africa needs at least 20 million AstraZeneca vaccines within six weeks if the first shot gets a second in its time, WHO said on Thursday.

“Africa needs a vaccine now,” Dr Matshidiso Moeti, director of the World Health Organization for Africa, said in a statement.

“Every respite from our vaccination teams brings lost lives and hope.”

The WHO statement affirmed the importance of respecting eight to 12 weeks between measures to ensure the recipient’s level of protection is 81%.

“In addition to this urgent need, another 200 million vaccines for each WHO Emergency Use List COVID-19 are needed for the continent to vaccinate 10% of the population by September 2021,” he said.

As of May 26, Africa has registered more than 4.7 million coronaviruses with an estimated 130,000 deaths from the virus.

Separately, the head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has asked other countries to offer more vaccines to the contractor as it is a “safety issue”.

“We are not fighting the vaccine in Africa,” African CDC President John Nkengasong said at a weekly press conference at the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

“Forty-three million vaccines have been obtained, [of which] A total of 23 million has been provided, ”he said.

African occupations against COVID-19 they also experience delays due to a ban on exports to India, the main supplier of AstraZeneca vaccine to COVAX, a UN-sponsored initiative that seeks to provide more than two billion standards to 92 of the world’s poorest countries this year. India has stopped exporting vaccines because it is struggling to re-emerge.

‘International interest’ – PM of France

Separately, French President Emmanuel Macron said shipping the COVID-19 vaccine to Africa was not only a moral obligation, but also a European one and a global one, in order to prevent the spread of new viruses.

Speaking during his visit to Rwanda, Macron said France plans to offer the COVID-19 million vaccine to Africa by the end of the year, that Germany will provide 30 million more vaccines, and that the European Union will provide more than 100 million to Africa this year.

“Helping Africa get vaccinated…, first and foremost, is a cohesive process, and it is easy… for the benefit of all European countries, all over the world,” Macron said on a trip to the vaccination center in Kigali across the coast.

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses a rally in Kigali, Rwanda [Ludovic Marin/AFP]

He said that if all countries did not have a vaccine, the virus would continue to spread and develop new species.

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