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A powerful explosion at an Indian court house kills at least two people | Stories

An explosion was started at a court in Ludhiana, a city in the northern part of the Punjab, India.

A massive explosion at a courtroom in Ludhiana, a northern city of Punjab in India, killed at least two people and injured two others, according to police.

Thursday’s blast damaged the walls of the toilet in the courtyard and broken glass in some rooms, NDTV radio said.

Pictures posted online showed police carrying injured people to the house. Police were also seen urging others to leave the scene and clear the area.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known.

Punjab Prime Minister Charanjit Singh Channi said the government was “vigilant” and announced an investigation.

Writing on Twitter, Channi also expressed her grief over the blast and said she was entering the area.

He wrote: “I assure the public that the offenders will not stop.

“Anyone who tries to disrupt the peace and unity of the state, will be fired.”

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