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A black box found at the site of a Philippine warplane crash | War Stories


A plane has been found by C-130 cargo planes on Jolo Island after they lost their way, killing 52 people.

Philippine authorities have seized a black box in an Air Force plane that crashed over the weekend, killing more than 50 people, Chief Cirilito Sobejana told Reuters news agency on Tuesday.

The pilot, who had been flying a C-130 aircraft for several years, was one of those killed in the crash on Jolo Island, Sobejana said by telephone.

The military chief said the black box was seized on Monday and should help investigators listen to a discussion of pilots and crew before the flight.

“I spoke to the survivors and they said the plane crashed two or three times while cleaning. The pilot tried to regain strength because he wanted to board the plane but it was too late. The right wing hit the tree,” he said.

Sobejana said no one had jumped on the plane before. There were initial reports from witnesses that some passengers had tried to jump to protect themselves before the plane crashed.

He also said that the front of the plane was cut off and that other soldiers took the opportunity to open it. But those who were unconscious could not get out and the plane caught fire.

The Lockheed C-130 aircraft carrying soldiers on their way to self-defense in the southern Philippines when it collided with 96 people.

The death toll rose on Monday to 52, including three people on the ground, after two of the 49 soldiers injured in the crash were injured, the Ministry of Defense said.

Military spokesman Edgard Arevalo said the plane was “very good” and had 11,000 hours left before the flight was completed.


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