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7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Your Phone


One of the most fun and intuitive photo editing tools available, Pixlr gives you the option to choose from a number of options. You can do anything from the captions to the top of the pictures to draw the sky over the image and change it. Despite all the functionality in the app, Pixlr is always easy to use.

You can take pictures, rotate and crop photos, remove red eyes, apply more filters and borders, and much more. If you are insisting on inspiration, the app has only one self-adhesive method that intelligently enhances your images using custom-suited image preferences (title, how to illuminate, and so on).

Pixlr is a freemium app for Android and iOS apps.

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Take a few minutes with Afterlight and you can see that they are designed for a photo editor — they are professional, very creative, but they have a lot of features, from useful filters to a few useful tools that can get your photos looking better than ever. Sharing and sending photos to your phone or other apps is easy.

It can take you a long time to explore all that Afterlight has to offer, through the five pictures at the bottom of the window, and all of them can be customized to make it work. The app gives you the ability to change colors in an image, leave captions on images, create visual effects, capture photos, and more, and supports photo frames.

Afterlight is a freemium app for Android and iOS apps.

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