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22 Unsurprising Displays About Space

The largest star in human history is 1,700 times greater than the sun!


When you doubt your file finger above the stars in the sky, protecting the photons that have gone to Earth undisturbed for millions of years from finally getting into your eye.

Pixelparticle / Via Getty Images

Pictures are very important. It is formed in the center of the stars and travels for millions of years before reaching the earth. When you lock the stars in the sky with your finger, you are preventing a million-year-old photon from entering your eye.


Do you know where very cold place in the universe known to? What about very hot? Well, they are all here on earth!

Xenotar / Via Getty Images

All right, them was. The coldest recorded temperature in the universe was created here in the lab on Earth (-273 degrees celsius, or zero zero), and the Large Hadron Collider has also been able to produce the highest temperatures since the universe began with the Big Bang (5.5 trillion kelvin trillion).


And about 4.5 billion years, a The Milky Way is expected to collide with Andromeda galaxy, the closest rock-mass, to form the largest galaxy.

Photos of Pavelsmilyk / Via Getty


And a great red neighbor, Jupiter, is twice as big like all other planets in our solar system plus!

Dottedhippo / Via Getty Photos

Only one part of the earth – the 150-year-old hurricane, called the “Great Red Spot” – is twice the size of Earth!


There is a planet in our galaxy in which daytime temperatures can reach 1,000 degrees Celsius and possibly rain of molten glass about 4,500 mph!

Yuriy Mazur / Via Getty Photos

The planet, HD 189733b, was captured using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and is a cobalt blue.


Scientists think they have found a file of the whole empty universe measuring one billion years across.

Pixelparticle / Via Getty Images

It is a myth, but nonsense – which does not matter at all – can be evidence of diversity. Available in 2007, is 40 times larger than the previously reported high demand.


That’s why we know that light takes a long time to travel in space, doesn’t it? Yes, there is other parts of the universe cannot be seen for the light from him is not yet come on us.

Photos of Sankai / Via Getty

The universe is so large that light from these galaxies, formed during the BIG BANG era, has not yet reached us!


Although, soon James Webb Space Telescope allows us to study the galaxies that were formed in the beginning of the universe, and to see the stars forming planets.

Alex Wong / Using Getty Images


Did you know there is a comparison 500,000 pieces of space debris Floating above the Earth and traveling at speeds of up to 17,500 mph?

Janiecbros / Via Getty Photos

Atmospheric waste is anything we have left regardless of floating in space – rockets, dead satellites, what do you have.

Johan63 / Via Getty Photos

They are large satellites that have survived a fire-retardant fire and, frankly, often land at sea (ugh) or in remote areas. There is a whole team of researchers volunteering to track the debris of the atmosphere and assess its risk of collision with the Earth – as far as we know, no one has been killed by an old satellite!


But here’s the thing, there is such a thing amazing as Kessler’s Results, in which one destructive event in Earth’s orbit would cause all satellites to divide into smaller pieces until the earth is surrounded by a huge cloud of sculptures.

Photos of Petrovich9 / Via Getty

This would make it impossible for him to leave the Earth.


There is a file on horrible supermassive black hole high atmospheric pressure about five million miles per hour.

Pitris / Via Getty Photos

Normally, each galaxy has a black hole, but this one has been removed from the home galaxy, 3C 186. This is probably the result of two colliding galaxies, which may have connected all the black holes. Astronomers predict that in 20 million years, it will emerge from its galaxy and travel through space forever.

NASA, Hulton Archive / Via Getty Photos

The study was re-launched in 1977 to study Jupiter and Saturn and is now on its second expedition outside the sun. Now it will travel through the middle of the sky forever. The earth will do so perhaps sunburn in a few billion years, meanwhile Voyager 1 is probably still floating in space.

3quarks, Abrill_ / Via Getty Photos

Venus today is a living hell. It is high in carbon dioxide and has no water vapor; the temperature rises to 462 degrees Celsius! But the weather forecast indicates that ancient Venus probably had oceans and dry land like ours. Various factors — including the amount of water on the surface, as well as the idea that clouds can protect Venus from the sun’s rays — indicate that the earth may already exist.

Dkosig / Via Getty Photos

This is known as “cold welding”, and it happens because the atoms of both layers are unaware that they are different metals, so they bond. This does not happen on Earth because there is always air or water to separate the pieces.

Images of Tokarsky / Via Getty

These intricate planets do not revolve around stars, so they are hard to see – especially if we do not know if they are nearby. Statistically, however, it is not really close enough to be complex and we are a very small target given the size of the solar system.

Egor Suvorov / via Getty Photos

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dark Matter is the longest unadulterated mystery in modern astrophysics. Of course not! stay nothing! In fact, the amount of gravitational force in nature is not exactly the same as its magnitude – planets, stars, galaxies, comets, black holes, and black clouds. That is why scientists say that there is an immaterial or “dark” universe, which is the source of all gravity.

vchal / Using Getty Images

This concept has been established by a difficult theory to identify as damage to the cables – really a natural self-destruction button! It’s just a hypothesis right now, but it just depends on whether the environment is true or false – a real towel is not permanent, but a false vaccine is not. If sudden fluctuations allow a false vaccine to release its power, it can produce real blue that can increase the speed of light and remove anything that has been affected. Destruction can be instantaneous and based on what happened in nature, we may not be able to see it coming. Remember, this is just a myth!


In the end, this is not true, but have you considered the possibility that we sent a message to a strange nation long ago and are still going to them?

Photos of Santoelia / Via Getty

The space is huge, we are convinced that so far, and there is every chance we have already sent a message in the air thousands of years ago and we have forgotten about it (consider how teams change over time). We can still wait for the message to come back, OR wait for a response to get back to us. That way, we’ll just keep showing ourselves over and over to anyone who might be out there …

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