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2022 Honda Civic adds wireless connectivity to CarPlay, Android Auto


This week Honda revealed the 11th edition of its longest version, Apart from the new design, there are also technical variations in the 2022 Civic sedan.

Some of the major features of the modified version include the technical support of its driver, which has become stable on all three models. starting with the model year 2019. The new Honda Sensing model on this new model has a camera with a better viewing interface, better software and a more powerful processor.

According to Honda, this means that they can “more quickly and accurately identify pedestrians, motorcyclists and other vehicles” than previous systems that use a camera and radar. This time it will be possible to read the traffic sign and change the driver’s signature. It uses eight sonar sensors to assist with things like Low-Speed ​​Braking Control and avoid false front and rear startups. This is the first car from Honda with modified airbags that are supposed to help prevent injury to the driver or passenger during front-wheel drive vehicles.


Some of the new features in it are featured on older similar images that were seen as Accord colors, with 7-inch inches in smaller colors and a 9-inch color on Touring. The Touring range also includes Bose text messages, wireless Qi phones and seamless connectivity with your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay phone – in contrast, when the 10th edition has been released it was just the second Honda with no CarPlay or Android Auto at all. For the driver, the Touring brand has a full 10.2-inch digital clutch.

Demonstration of all digital tools


Autoblog has a lot of detail of the new type which is bigger, bigger and lacks the coupe color at the moment. Honda has revealed in detail the hatchback model soon, including the R-type, while the sedan is due to come out this summer with unknown prices.

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