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You Will Die Too Return. It is important


I met for the first time Revenge last June, at the unveiling of Sony on the PS5, and I admit I didn’t think much of this coming out of the generic sci-fi carrier belt: Spaceperson crashing into a dark and stormy world, shooting wildlife, the studio takes a silly head; great whoop.

I am happy to say that this was very wrong. There are so many bad ones you might like Revenge, released this week. Or, to put it bluntly: This game offers a lot more that can be found in the game, and it made me happy with the future of the medium.

Revenge The star Selene, an astronomer, who, in addition to his ideal heterochromia problem, looks good in a playful way, even a 7-year-old warrior or D&G genre whose interests include saving the planet. The story set is minimal: The game opens as the Selene ship wrecks over the waterfront above Atropos, on the way to the “white shadow” announcement. Inevitably, lightning seems to strike him, and Selene goes, in the dark.

After the accident, Selene passed by some of the missing stone statues and praised the small trees that make local animals. Then he finds the corpse. But the corpse (cue heavy cords) is his. The burnt, however, like the defenders of many games, ready to fight, grabs a gun near his body and begins firing. Metroid-ish, black tent-dwelling animals that are crawling from the mountains wanting to destroy him. That’s when the animals are said to bring Selene’s “loyalty”, and she falls into a heap of shouts, Revenge reveals his gambling: You are back to where you started, almost falling into Atropos, with nothing but your memory.

Revenge is useless, or similar to roguelike, which is a game like roguelikes, a game like this game Cruel. Putting this in English, Cruel was an RPG, released in 1980, that college students play on large computers, which are housed at the university. Over the years, similar RPGs appeared – called roguelikes – until the mid-2000s, when several indie games promoted two CruelThe most popular ideas — systems made in the way and eternal death — to promote new species. These games are also called lit-rue, or roguelike. Recently, Sprinkle Spire did this at a construction game. Hade, known as best games last year, he did this because of ancient Greek mythology, as the great man Zagreus tried to escape from the Greek hell, but only came out of the pool of blood that was beneath him when he failed.

Revenge they do the same for a third-person, sci-fi shooter. Selene’s death destroys (almost) all the weapons and raises, while the world bows to you as an image of MC Escher. But the story goes on and on: Selene remembers dying and commenting on a twisted post.

For example: On my third playing trip, I found a strange type of rifle, a Tachyomatic Carbine, and started firing it with various Parasites – which look like a helmet on the face. A stranger– that blends well with your suit and gives you a blend of benefits: It can enhance your equipment skills but also make things worse. It was then that I died to the first boss, Greece, a snake-headed object, and then failed to get anywhere near Greece the next time, when I realized the opportunity I had and my combination of power.

The Roguelikes are competitive because they turn the game into a dead game. Usually when you die, progress is made, but the story cannot go any further. A roguelike is different: Progress is lost, but the story goes on. Some people to hate this mess. He hates the idea of ​​dying to see more of the story, and he hates the idea of ​​losing the weapons he found; cocoon; a bird companion; white rocket launcher, whatever.


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