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Pro-Ject T1 BT Review (Building Setup): Aural Visual Design


Coming down? If you like to switch between a change of 33 per minute and 45 rpm, then T1 BT can be frustrating. Unlike most turntables, there is no simple switch that alternates between speeds. Instead, you should remove the glass plate, fasten the seatbelt, and replace the plate. I don’t have a record of 45 rpm, so this is not a problem for me.

The main problem is the lack of stand-alone features, which are found in many entry-level items (such as Fluance) but are also in short supply in graphic design games. When one of the labels is finished and the tarmarm enters the recording area, my Fluance RT80 stops the plate from spinning. T1 BT does not stop until you change the button manually. I don’t remember this now, but at first I had to get used to getting up and walking to stop it. There have been a number of times where I have let it go smoothly after the record has been suspended, which reduces the time to write the note a bit. It means I listen very carefully, which would be a good thing.

Whenever I use discarded words, the right words are the ones that come to my mind. The locking mechanism that keeps mint safe in its enclosure is far more beautiful than the RT80 burner. Also, moving the Pro-Ject tone on text just feels good, well, right. It’s not a roundabout appearance, which sometimes happens on Fluance.

Pushing the lever down is also refreshing, as the needle floats slightly to the bottom. Also, the Ortofon OM5e pre-installed cartridge does not have a large bullet, which is why I can see the needle pen. This makes it easy to place them at the right start of the history, which I sometimes encountered on the RT80.

Good Appearance, Good Sound

From the first story I played (Arcade Fire Song to a Spike Jonze He), I took a slightly larger noise from T1 BT on Fluance. I’ve seen a little bit of noise, and while all the music sounds great, the bass can sometimes be overpowering. To be honest, I hooked up to Five Klipsch speakers, who are very much heavy bass.

The sweet, warm sound continues. But is the reliability of the music jumping and durable than the cheap RT80 I already use? No. It is visible but small. The problem is, if you spend just $ 50, you can get one of the best ones right now: Pro-Ject Girl Scorpion Evo, which my friend Parker Hall is investigating. It uses more sophisticated equipment, such as a carbon-fiber tonearm, but without a wire preamp, requires less installation (and more money).

The T1 BT is ideal for newcomers, but there is more cheap You can buy more and more. Regardless, Pro-Ject Audio beats them on in terms of design and feel. T1 is very comfortable to the touch and use, and white satin and nuts are great. (If you do not care for Bluetooth, the standard T1 and a full $ 100 cheaper.)

That said, there is something very special about the design of the House. Its fork-shaped design at the end is beautiful, and the slightly white design makes it look like a flowing rainbow for a straight period of time since the 80s. Its color gives it a pizzazz and makes Fluance look rounded around it. It’s a piece of speech, and it’s amazing Seth Rogen’s camera.

Home design says that its toy is not cheap, so if you like, you will want to do it quickly. The company says it is discussing whether to make more of it as soon as it sells.


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