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10 Picture Articles That Will Disturb Your View of the World

This week, you perhaps stay with them he heard, it has been one year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic – a full year that our daily lives in the United States have been disrupted. As we struggle with the tradition and its meaning, people are looking forward to spending more time outdoors with loved ones spring and more vaccines are coming. We looked back at one year of the coronavirus epidemic and saw how serious it was. National Geographic asked artists around the world to share what they saw. Celeste sloman photographed a group in New Mexico in which young people were suffering from mental illness and had a suicidal idea, a year after they were away from their peers.

Tara Wray caught an undisclosed year with his family and his camera, right Harry Borden has a new book on parenting. After watching the winter show, please enjoy Elena AnosovaPictures of people on the ice of the famous Lake Baikal in Russia. Artist Pilar Olivares reported on the issue of Brazilian women experiencing domestic violence, and Ruxx Naqvi learned to love their city by painting it last year.

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