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Zhiyun’s three-axis gimbal features LED light and a small display


You probably already know DJI photos, but the winner Zhiyun carries a wide range of colors – especially those designed for glassless cameras, DSLRs and video cameras. Now, it has unveiled the Crane M3 three-axis designed for glass-free cameras, with some exciting new features such as a small LED light and a built-in screen.

The Crane M3 is about the size of a water bottle and offers sloping, twisted and curved axes with locks on everything. Works with mobile phones and 90 percent of glassless cameras, Zhiyun notes. It has a new white and black chassis that the company claims offers a better and more user-friendly experience. It also offers upgraded motors with more torque than the original Crane 3.

The most important is the high-speed display system with a variety of plates that allow you to quickly switch between large-scale cameras (practical and non-glass, for example), without the need to restart. It also has a quarter-inch adapter so that you can connect a professional microphone to the amplifier and run the second cable to the camera. Countries or other accessory can be connected to an inch port. Zhiyun is also selling his own gun in one package, or you can connect other types.


The most striking, however, is the 800-lumen 6 watt dual-color LED. It is designed for “light shots,” Zhiyun’s inscriptions, with constant motion control and constant temperature through the steering wheel. The light is softened by a clear filter, though it is designed to shoot with a gun.

Other features include Bluetooth (or USB-C) monitoring support cameras with a drag-and-drop sensor for adjustment, roll axis, aperture, shutter and ISO. If you do not want to install the controls using the mobile app, it also offers a 1.22-inch all-in-one interface for customizing settings (photos, vortex and go modes), as well as tracking speed. It also shows how the camera works, gimbal connections and battery levels.

Zhiyun sent me a section to try, and I ended up with an extra plate, so I included the Panasonic GH5 II. While some functions didn’t work (like the camera app), it was one of the easiest controls I’ve tried and it’s easy to remove and replace the camera using quick release plates. Being able to connect the microphone away from the camera is also wise, reduces stress and restarts, although you may need additional equipment to attach a good microphone.

Zhiyun's three-axis gimbal features LED light and a small display


The work was smooth, with handles set to work manually. The drawing was good, though it was easy to hit it wrong – I did it once and changed the language by accident. The light works well for a little bit, but because of the small size, it creates awesome shades. We hope that everything I have not tried, including software support, will be available soon.

Zhiyun Crane M3 and now available pricing starting at $ 369 (£ 369) for a standard package, $ 449 (£ 449) for a combo package with a wallet, a mobile phone with Tripod Plus, or $ 649 (£ 649) for the Pro package, plus all of the above plus microphones of TransMount Shotgun and TransMount Expansion Base.

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