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How to View RE: WIRED 2021

You can feel it having more hope for the future today than you did last year. But it is not difficult to understand: What has happened in the last 18 months has shown us that we still have a number of challenges to do in this group.

That’s why we bring you RE: WIRID. Going into the future will take a lot of work, as well as the desire and ingenuity to reconsider how we make the world. For two days-November 9th and 10th-WIRED is hosting a series of episodes with some of the world’s best (and well-thought-out) people for country). We will talk to professionals, scientists, artists, actors, and even some royalty on how to create a prosperous world for the future.

As last year’s repetition of the conference, this will be a real event. If you want to see it right away — or participate in Q&A — you should sign up here. (Don’t worry, it’s free.) See also here for more information on the two-day event. We will share all of the content below in this post, and connect with the main content as well as the full videos.

First Day

What Does the Future Hold for AI?
Nov. 9, 11am ET

WIRED global editor-in-chief Gideon Lichfield sits down with Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures and Yoky Matsuoka, founder and CEO of humanitarian work. John discussing the future of AI.

Planning for the Future We Want to Live In
Nov. 9, 12:30 pm ET

Have you ever seen an iPhone? MacBook? Well, thank you Jony Ive for that. I’ve made almost every Apple device in the last 20 years. Then, in 2019, he left to start his own company. Here, Ive spoke with Conde Nast global manager Anna Wintour about the future of her design and what will help her.

Speaking the Truth in Bias Algorithms
Nov. 9, 1:30 pm ET

In 2020, a former Google researcher, Timnit Gebru, released a paper describing the nature of some type of AI program that Google used in search. In response, Google fired him. At the event, Gebru contacted WIRED general secretary Tom Simonite to discuss the lack of oversight within the professional industry and how to create AI that is more profitable for the public.

Internet Machine
Nov. 9, 4pm ET

Prince Harry is no stranger to false stories. After a difficult year, the President of Sussex joined Renée DiResta, the director of technical research at. Stanford Internet Observatoryy and Rashad Robinson, president of the International Commission on Justice Type of Change Discussing how social networking sites handle false stories, cyberbullying, and slander – and what we can do about it. The session is hosted by WIRED editor-in-chief Steven Levy.

Sponsored Session

Natural Problem Solving: Applying Good Technology
Nov. 9, 10 am ET

The interviews are with Amy Webb, founder of the business development company Future Today Institute and Kirk Skaugen, vice president of Lenovo under the auspices of WIRED’s international director of social development and analysis, Indu Chandrasekhar. (This passage was supported by Lenovo.)


MRNA mutations: COVID-19 and Beyond
Nov. 10, 9:30 am ET

In the dark days of the epidemic, it may seem like the Covid vaccine always took off. To be sure, the vaccine is one of the fastest-acting vaccines in human history — one of the greatest marvels of science. Now, they can start an unprecedented period of vaccination for several diseases. In this section, WIRED chief medical officer Maryn McKenna oversees discussions with Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel and Nahid Bhadelia, chief executive officer of the BU Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research (CEID).

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