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Yemeni threats suspended for peacekeeping: Saudi military … Conflict News

A coalition spokesman led by Saudi Arabia says the exaggeration is aimed at ‘creating a more peaceful political system in Yemen’.

The Saudi-led coalition to fight Houthi militants in Yemen has said it has stopped holding protests in order to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

This has come at a time when some nations are working to bring an end to war after more than six years of intense warfare.

It also followed reports that the alliance had hit a Houthi army near the Sanaa capital on Thursday. AFP reporters and reporters in the city heard a loud explosion and saw smoke rising from the sky. The Houthis did not immediately respond to the blast.

Turkish Coalition spokesman al-Maliki told Saudi Arabia television that “no war has taken place in Sanaa or any other Yemeni city in the past”.

The increase is in line with “political preparation for peace in Yemen,” he said.

A Saudi-led coalition stepped in to support the Yemeni government in 2015 after the Houthis seized Sanaa last year, prompting the government to flee.

The war in Yemen has led to what the United Nations calls a major global crisis, with thousands of people killed, millions displaced, and two thirds of the 30 million people who depend on aid.

Marib disgusting

Al-Maliki’s comments came as Houthi was outraged for months to seize the city of Marib and its oil reserves – the last state fundraiser in northern Yemen.

The Marib defeat of the Houthis would be a major threat to the Yemeni government and could pose a threat to humanitarian action.

Legal trials have grown this week. UN Secretary-General Martin Griffiths held talks with Iran and the country’s foreign minister on a two-day visit, the second of this year, his office sent a statement Thursday.

Earlier this month, Omani officials went to Sanaa to try to persuade the rebels to agree to a ceasefire, according to terrorists.

Oman Foreign Minister Badr Albusaidi arrived in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh for talks Wednesday.

In a sign of peace, Houthi officials have begun repairing roads near Sanaa airport, AFP said, signaling that the venue would be reopened soon.

A Saudi-led coalition has ruled the territory of Yemen since 2015. The Houthis have repeatedly questioned the Sanaa airport before it took place.

The companies told Reuters news agency that construction had begun in some areas of the airport, which had been repeatedly threatened by military eagles. The military alliance claims that the site was used for smuggling weapons, which the Houthis denied.

Airport chief Khaled al-Shayef said on Twitter on Wednesday that he had met with Yemeni airlines to discuss repairs and equipment at the airport, as well as with the Yemen Oil Company.

Efforts to stabilize Yemen come after Saudi Arabia and its Iranian enemy resumed talks in April, with their first meeting since Riyadh withdrew from Tehran in 2016.

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