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Yemen Houthi are rejecting UN calls to release a ship with the UAE flag | Houthis Stories

Houthi militants have claimed that Rwabee has taken up arms, criticizing the UN for working with ‘assassins who violate international law’.

Yemeni Houthi militants reject UN request to release Emirati-flagged ship was arrested earlier this month, along with his 11 crew, states that the ship was carrying “military cargo”.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has described Rwabee as a “civilian carrier ship” borrowed by a Saudi company and landed in the world’s waters carrying weapons for field use.

Houthi chief Hussein al-Azzi says he carries military equipment. “The Rwabee submarine did not carry … children’s toys but terrorist weapons,” he told Al Masirah Houthis television.

The UN Security Council on Friday called for “immediate release” of Rwabee and his staff and stressed “the need for maritime freedom in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea”, a better way to export.

In a statement issued by the United Kingdom and approved by the United Nations Security Council, the 15-member Security Council requested that the ship and its crew be released immediately “and emphasized” the need to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees “.

It also called on “all parties to reduce the situation in Yemen”, in addition to working with a special UN envoy to address the crisis. return to the discussion table.

Al-Azzi responded by criticizing the UN for joining “killers who violate international law”.

Rwabee “is a member of a country that participates in the violence against our people and the fight against Yemen, and has illegally entered Yemeni waters,” he said.

A Saudi-led military alliance intervened in Yemen in March 2015 in support of a world-renowned government after the Houthi seized control of the capital Sanaa, last year.

Iranian-backed Houthi captured the Rwabees on January 3, at the Red Sea port in Hodeidah, and then released a video showing rising weapons, including ammunition, vehicles and other vehicles and what appeared to be a group. of guns.

Yahia Sare’e, a spokeswoman for the Houthi military, said: “It is clear today that the knowledge that the ship carrying a civilian hospital is incorrect.

A statement from the Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthis of committing “war crimes” and said the ship was carrying medical equipment from a Saudi hospital that had crashed on the island of Socotra in Yemen, without providing evidence.

A Saudi video film criticizes the Houthis for removing weapons from the ship.

The UAE is part of a Saudi-led coalition, although it withdrew its troops in 2019. In a letter to the UN, Abu Dhabi stated that the Rwabee group had 11 members, including seven Indians and others from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Myanmar. and the Philippines.

The Security Council has strongly condemned the ongoing attacks on the Yemeni coast, including attacks on civilian and commercial vessels, “which pose a serious threat to maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea”.

The United Nations Mission to Support Hodeida (UNMHA) has stated that the port is an important step in developing countries. UNMHA, which aims to keep the 2018 firefight at the port, has asked for an inspection to ensure it is not at war with the Houthi faction.

Yemen has been embroiled in a civil war since 2014 when Houthi seized the capital Sanaa, as well as much of the northern part of the country, forcing the government to flee to the south, then to Saudi Arabia.

The United Nations said it would demands $ 3.9bn this year to help nearly 16 million people in war-torn countries.

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