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Monday, January 17 at 19:30:
For the first time, the American Red Cross has announced a global blood crisis.

Organization, which provides about 40 percent of blood donors in the United States, says that its reservoirs are facing severe shortages of donations. Most blood vessels contain five days of various blood types. However, many banks have stated that they have only one day left, forcing doctors to make difficult decisions when it comes to patient care.

The Covid-19 epidemic is being blamed for its decline. Among other things, because an increase in the number of diseases means a decrease in the number of health providers. The epidemic has also seen the crisis in staff in blood banks and the disruption of blood transfusions. Overall, the Red Cross estimates that there has been a 10 percent reduction in blood transfusions since March 2020.

In The Stream section, we will discuss the problem, how it helps, and ask our team of experts to work out solutions.

In this episode of The Stream, we talk to:
David O, @InTheKnowDrOh
Chief Medical Officer, Hoxworth Blood Center

Ankita Sagar, @sagar_ankita
First Doctor

Julie Karp
Blood Transfusion Specialist

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