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Yahoo games and financial streams run the Apollo system


The independent trading company Apollo believes it has finally found a way to finance Yahoo’s promise.

But after a well-respected but well-known online figure became a well-known grave for leaders of television and technology, it may not be possible to do so anytime soon.

New York Stock Exchange We agreed earlier this week pay the merger giant Verizon $ 5bn of Yahoo, along with AOL as well as a list of other electronic items they have acquired.

The deal appears to be a thief compared to the $ 44.6bn offered by Microsoft which Yahoo rejected 15 years ago. Microsoft hopes to use the Internet connection to create an online platform against Google, which we consider to be a major threat to the control of its software.

It is a shadow of the cost of selling Yahoo shares in subsequent years, as they have been repeatedly targeted by financial companies that want to buy and destroy the company. Many of them saw the value of Yahoo in a Chinese business company in Alibaba, which grew and covered the growing business of Yahoo.

And that’s just over half of what Verizon paid Yahoo in 2017, plus the AOL business that bought two years earlier. Tim Armstrong, Google’s former chief of staff, believes he can devise a way to promote Google and Facebook.

The growing growth of Yahoo online audience lies behind many of these dreams. Outside of China, it is the most popular website in the world, which is judged on the number of visits and time spent on the site, according to the web site testing company Alexa.

In other words, Apollo’s interest in the company is no different. The Yahoo 900m users who are working on a monthly basis are “large audiences” who offer “many opportunities”, says David Sambur, head of secret services at Apollo. No more than $ 5 per user, the purchase price and the lowest cost per word destroys the internet.

Compared to other potential buyers, however, the new Yahoo owner is starting with a smaller goal: select a few promising features from Yahoo’s profile, throw them behind them and stop relying too heavily on advertising that has failed to boost its assets. Meaning, but left untouched, I reject those parts of Yahoo business that are no longer considered important, as well as the people who have been used.

Two eternal problems weigh on Yahoo. One is the failure of successive executives to direct their ideas or invest enough in support of the company, says Brian Wieser, who has listed Yahoo as an internet researcher for many years. In addition to the silos in which the company operates, this has led to more markets, he said. This criticism led one elder to warn, on popular opinion within the last decade and a half, that his course was spread as thinly as peanuts.

Yahoo is still working on the legacy. For example, this Tuesday, bringing the closure of Yahoo Answers, a question-and-answer operation that has been around for years, even though it has lost opportunities in new jobs. Sites like these still attract millions of users and attract a lot of users, meaning the company is slowly taking over to close them down, says a former Yahoo executive.

The second, most common failure was the company’s failure to answer an important question: Whether it is a media or technical company. This question was first answered when Terry Semel, a former videographer who runs the company, was caught by a dotcom and pushed heavily on TV.

When that failed, the company tried to change course and hired Marissa Mayer, Google’s chief marketing officer. But while some of the things he did brought positive feedback, and he took Yahoo to social media and found Tumblr, no one was able to grow or accelerate in the same way as his critics.

Armstrong’s architecture of Yahoo also left an unofficial place to deal with technology and the media, according to two people who saw his experiments nearby.

His goal was to partner with AOL to create an “adtech” platform that could fight giants like Google. But his real interest was in all of the group’s media coverage, said one. Another said that after Yahoo was bought by Verizon, the company’s gravitational force moved to New York, reducing the company’s productivity.

Apollo’s goals for Yahoo provide a limited solution to some of the long-term problems. Central to this is developing interest in markets where Yahoo already has power, and creating new forms of digital marketing.

Betting games are at the top of the list. Yahoo has been working for years to remove the barriers to betting, says the former executive, and forged a partnership with MGM in 2019 to provide access to millions of users who are involved in sports.

Apollo now claims that its gambling establishment puts them in a better position to turn Yahoo Sports into a powerful online game and betting game. The trading company acquired America’s largest empire, Harrah’s Entertainment, in 2008 by a TPG rivalry with the $ 31bn group, though the company, which later became known as Caesars, later collapsed. It also hosted the Gala Coral in 2010 and later merged it with Ladbrokes to create a British competition to compete with British William William.

Apollo recently got a job at the Las Vegas Sands marquee resort with the casino The Venetian for $ 2.25bn, Great Canada Gaming for $ 2.5bn and the Italian betting team Gamenet.

“Apollo knows a lot about sports and betting on sports. I think we are in a good position to increase the chances of Yahoo Games, “Sambur said.

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Yahoo Finance, one of the company’s most valuable assets, can also offer another opportunity to continue advertising. Apollo intends to promote its many audiences, which currently have stockbrokers using their free-to-use stock and news platforms, to build profitable businesses, as well as financial marketing opportunities.

“I see great potential, using this brand, to make more money in other areas of the economy,” Sambur said. An independent trading company is considering whether to turn Yahoo Finance into something more profitable, such as a stockbroker like Robinhood or whether he can get into the cryptocurrency business.

But even if it takes advantage of such opportunities to continue advertising, Apollo will still need to do better when Yahoo’s owners fail: turning its audience into an advertiser that appeals to Google, Facebook and Amazon.

“There’s a lot of space in between where we have the guys,” Sambur said. “This market is so big that closing even the slightest gap would make a huge profit.”

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